HOPE... for Naked Sleepwalkers

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At least, someone from Ireland is getting good news.... check out this story...

The Naked sleepwalker libel case has resulted in a record award for Irish mining exec, Donal Kinsella. The 67-year-old Kinsella was recently awarded $17 million for an incident involving nude sleepwalking during a business trip. His employer was shocked at the amount given to the man who had been walking around nude near a co-workers room!
Man wearing nightgown sleep walking

According to Yahoo News of Australia, the lawsuit was initiated by Donal Kinsella against his employer Kenmare Resources. Apparently during a business trip, Kinsella was found sleepwalking in the nude, coincidentally near his co-worker Dierdre Corcoran's room. The company released a press statement after the incident which alleged Kinsella had been making sexual advances toward the female co-worker.

In his defense, Donal had been a bit under the influence at the time, as he was taking painkillers and had been drinking alcohol. After an investigation of the incident, it was determined that he had not tried to enter Corcoran's room, and had not acted in any inappropriate manners, beyond walking around naked. They also claim that Kinsella regularly sleepwalks in the nude.

Kinsella reported he felt "exhilirated and vindicated," not by sleepwalking nude, but by the massive amoung he was awarded. That record award is five times the previous highest Irish libel case amount. Kenmare was shocked by the judgment saying the award was off the Richter scale. They will be appealing this decision, but in the meantime they are ordered to pay out $875,000 to Kinsella for the libelous press release they issued.

Does this sound like one bizarre case and award or what? It almost makes it seem like co-workers could get away with "hanky panky" on business trips just by claiming they sleepwalk nude. Expect the nude sleepwalking defense to start popping up all over courts around the globe!

Story from Gather (http://news.gather.com/viewArticle.acti ... 4978714451)
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