Hot Girl Wants Me, DTV Style !

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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 2:22 pm » by Harbin

I am very popular and it makes me feel HOT !

Date: 16th Jul 11 02:38 PM

Subject: HI

My name is Miss joy 24 years I'm tall and beautiful girl i saw your profile today, then I decided to drop a few words just to say hello and how was your day, I would like to know more about you, and I like to say on also i me, please, will be very happy if you can reply me through my email address so we can go further to know each other. (
thanks am waiting for your response, yours miss joy

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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 2:24 pm » by Donovan

lol some guys have all the luck :mrgreen:
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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 6:00 pm » by Cognoscenti

that's funny Harbin I got the exact same e-mail today 4 times! My bet is there is a viral attack waiting for whoever replies

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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 7:58 pm » by Constabul

Date: 21st May 11 10:44 PM

Subject: hi

Interested in you

My name is jenna am a beautiful young with full of love
Well, I saw your profile today
which gives me joy to contact you
please i will like you contact me through my e-mail
At the same time i will show you my picture.
Miss jenna

send me an email =

here you go harbin, you can get some jenna with your joy, and have a 3 way :flop:

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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 8:05 pm » by Newdawnrising

Harbin, you are the ultimate internet smooth talking man ho. :flop:
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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 8:24 pm » by Shemagh

I think Miss Joy sounds very sincere,intelligent, sympathetic and compassionate, I think she would make an excellent life time companion.
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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 9:10 pm » by Thruster

Miss Joy...........your love toy.

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PostSat Jul 16, 2011 9:34 pm » by The57ironman

i only got two....

Date: 6th Jul 11 04:06 PM

Subject: No subject

Hello Dear,
i am Sylvia,single never married, tall slim,and fair,that loves sightseeing and reading,i viewed your profile and got interested in knowing you more for important discussion,could you please reply to me via my mail address ( so that we will know each other very well.i will send my pics later.

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PostSun Jul 17, 2011 3:31 am » by Bleever

Gosh...sooo envious...I replied to her and she said "you...not so much"...ugh :o(
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PostSun Jul 17, 2011 3:37 am » by The57ironman

what'd it cost ya bleeve....? :mrgreen:

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