Hovering Florida UFO was size of 'football field'

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PostThu Feb 02, 2012 2:34 pm » by Kate75

truthseeker2k11 wrote:Whoop-de-fuckin'-doo it's another mother ship. :ohno: ......................................................... :lol:
My grandfather (now gone) once told me he saw one hiding in a cloud there was an open spot where he could clearly see a dark brown color. I remember at the time, I thought he's really old and probably just senile or whatever. Of course, these days, I know it's true so I feel bad for not believing him now. I've seen them too only, I havn't seen them uncloaked.

Why do they use these huge ships?

My personal feel is that they come in droves. Likely an advanced civilization that measures by the googol. These are like 'intergallactic tours'. Perhaps their equivalent to an ocean liner.

Just a hunch. It's not too far fetched.

I like your theory, its not far fetched at all.

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PostThu Feb 02, 2012 3:31 pm » by Flecktarn

a football field?? that's 100 meters and almost no sightings or video ,they were either very lucky or attention seeking

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PostFri Feb 03, 2012 8:28 pm » by Endtimeman

:flop: that's about the size alright, it remind me of those ships used in Steven Spielberg's movie: Close of Encounter of The Third Kind. The odd thing is I had considered it could have been different shaped balloon like the Good Blimp, on a Southern path from my location on Florida, heading toward Fort Launderdale, but I later dismissed that notion for the lack of propulsion noise that would have been audible from my distance.

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PostTue Feb 07, 2012 5:22 am » by Endtimeman

:bang; From the post I've just read as a reply this Florida post, and I'm a new comer I should explain, there appear to be plenty of de-bunkers or non-witness mocking. It may not explain all, only consider for a saucer shape craft that need to carry sufficient fuel, besides this likely one that uses Ionic Fusion which would require sufficient space and shielding, for propulsion displacement and anti-gravity field generators/energizers; such a craft need to be at least thirty feet in diameter for a wingspan viable enough for atmospheric travel and distance, look it up why it planes need such a great span for there size. Nevertheless, I am not mocking, not being a rocket scientist does not make you stupid, it's just satirical.


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