How can a dream tell us the future?

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PostFri May 08, 2009 12:27 am » by Cornbread714

I've had prophetic dreams, some that were completely unexplainable. I dreamed of a friend's house burning down, and it turned out her mother's house burned the night I dreamed it. I saw her the next day, and only mentioned it because it was so vivid, and she freaked and told me the story.
I've had others, not as dramatic, but they just seemed to occur for no reason other than giving me a clue that there is more to the picture than we think.

Carl Jung explored this topic extensively, he treats the subject seriously, but explains it in a way even a skeptic might be able to handle.
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PostFri May 08, 2009 2:46 am » by Mahsooyee

Dreams stem from the subconcious mind and usually address something that the dreamer experiences in the conscious state of being but at times the subconscious will address something beyond the realm of ordinary affairs.
I dreamed of the destruction of the World Trade Centers three years before the event happened. The dream was very vivid and intense. It was like this: (Note: I lived in Detroit at the time of the dream) I saw the Detroit Renaissance Center glistening in bright sunlight and suddenly a sudden storm appeared. Lightening struck one of the glass towers and then another bolt struck a second glass tower both towers fell to the ground...the Detroit River runs behind the center and was visible in the dream. I heard a voice sort of like a news report saying that a famous lady was there at the time of the destruction of the glass towers.
End of dream.
I discussed this with my family and we could not figure it out and could only be alert whenever news reports were issued about severe storm warnings in the area and if there was to be a female celebrity in town. Well three years went by without incident to the Renaissance Center during storms. :bang;
Then the 9-11 incident occurred and every thing fell into place as if the dream was in instant replay :nails: was a bright sunny day, two towers were hit suddenly and they both fell to the ground and they were located near a body of water. Watching the news reports throughout the day there was one aerial helicopter shot which showed the statue of liberty and it was the last piece of the dream...the famous lady that would be there which gelled everything together of dream and actual event :look: . Dreams often speak in symbols and the dreamer must interpret their meanings as they are often the keys to understanding a dream. It was an extraordinary dream that mirrored a extraordinary event.
So, never let anyone tell you that nothing ever comes to a dreamer but a dream...realities often gets played out within the theatre of the mind!

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PostFri May 08, 2009 3:26 am » by Megavirus

mahsooyee wrote:

Interesting story thanks for sharing, when you said lightning struck the building and lightning bolt I found that amusing cause it was actually a plane. But like you said they had meaning so you cannot say your dream was incorrect. In a christian point of you the lightning would've been the meaning of the wrath of God.


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