How Larry Hagman Toppled Communism

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Yes, it's true - Larry Hagman actually claimed to have had a hand in the end of Communism: "I think we were directly or indirectly responsible for the fall”, he was quoted as saying.

I know, you're saying "WTF?", just like I did.

And what's even funnier, is he made a sack of cash in the process.

Dallas was one of the few American TV shows allowed in Romania and other Soviet bloc countries. The idea was that people would see the evils of capitalism as portrayed by those greedy-ass Ewings. And when Hagman visited Romania in the 80's, the then-dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, gave Hagman a big bag of dollars to let them use his image on the side of a big building.

Apparently, showing Dallas to the Romanian populace had the opposite effect - it just made everyone want all the shit that the Ewings had...

Read the ironic and humorous story here: ... nists.html
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