How many times was Abraham Lincoln buried?

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Abraham Lincolns death seems to be just as eventfull as his life, since his death Lincolns body has toured America, been buried upto as many as 17 times and even been the subject of an attempted kidnapping and ransom.

I was at a friends house recently and he had the Tv on, believe it or not or some other similar show, i only caught a few minutes but it was about Abraham Lincoln, the part i saw had the curator of the Lincoln museum talking about the various burials and i think the number of times he said was 14 but possibly upto 17.

In 1876 a group of Chicago Irish counterfeiters attempted a posthumous kidnapping, the ransom $200,000 and a pardon for there best engraver who had been arrested earlier that year, the gang had enlisted the help of someone they thought was experienced at grave robbing, this individual turned out to be working for the Secret Service(first case of secret service involvement in presidential affairs, 1894 being next date working as Grover Cleavelands bodyguards.)
What happened at the actual attmpted bodysnatching/kidnapping can best be described as a comedy of errors.
Lincolns Tomb was only secured with only a mere padlock and even though both kidnappers were career criminals neither were able to pick the lock so they had to file through it to gain access, once inside they found they were unable to lift the 500lb coffin lid and were standing around trying to think of what to do when one of the police officers guns went off outside, somehow they both managed to get away but were apprehended a couple of days later.

Lincoln is now buried in his Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. Allong with his wife and three of his four sons.

How many times was he actually buried? 14? 17?
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