How Mercury Becomes Toxic In The Environment

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I thought this was an interesting read and then again i find myself thinking-"and someone thought that is would be a great idea to put this stuff in our mouths as dental fillings"?.. ... 150020.htm

This particularly harmful form of the element, known as methylmercury, is a potent toxin for nerve cells. When ingested by organisms, it is not excreted and builds up in tissues or organs. :scary:

"The exposure rate of mercury in the U.S. is quite high," said Heileen Hsu-Kim, Duke assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering and senior member of the research team. "A recent epidemiological survey found that up 8 percent of women had mercury levels higher than national guidelines. Since humans are on top of the food chain, any mercury in our food accumulates in our body." :shock:

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