How SciFi Fans Made a Campus Safe for Free Speech

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Don't Mess with Firefly! How SciFi Fans Made a Campus Safe for Free Speech (feat. Neil Gaiman)

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by TheFIREorg on Dec 24, 2011

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This award-winning video, which features an interview with legendary author Neil Gaiman, is a lighthearted look at how the University of Wisconsin--Stout backed down from its censorship of Professor James Miller's posters, one featuring a quote from the science fiction show Firefly, and the other condemning fascism. Stout stood by its actions until FIRE's advocacy campaign on Miller's behalf inspired Gaiman, along with Firefly actors Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin, to take to Twitter to encourage their millions of followers to contact the university with their support of free speech.

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PostFri Aug 24, 2012 12:54 am » by Seahawk

That was cool.

Good point. Where is the constituency for the freedom of speech?

Well. I'd say that it's there- it's just not very loud, blatant, or concerted at the moment.

Nice thread. It's nice to see something work- for a change. :flop:


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