How to: make a AK-47 from a $2 shit shovel

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PostSat Dec 08, 2012 3:13 am » by Harbin

Okay gun boy, picture this with a modest 30 cal and a tube of 20mm mounted on it. Picture is sneaking up on you saltpeter digging hole...

Upload to


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PostSat Dec 08, 2012 3:55 am » by Hr2burn

You wouldn't catch me dead shooting that P.O.S! Or if I did shoot it it I would be found dead. That's some dangerous stuff to be messing with.
Now I'm nothing...

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PostSat Dec 08, 2012 5:57 am » by Kaarmaa

I took a look at your link.

On this Thanksgiving Day, let me say this: God Bless America the only country on this shitty planet where you still have the freedom to build AKs in defense of Motherland! The only country where a shit shovel can become an awesome weapon of death and destruction.

Please be aware that hiding in your garage, there may be dozens of Killy, high-clip-capacitated, school-penetrating, children-hating, Assault Weapons of mAss Destruction! Please send this message to all your libtard friends to make sure that they call 911 when they encounter anything that looks like a shovel. Thousands of hardware and home improvement stores are selling AKs through the "shovel" loophole to anyone!



God bless America as long as he can because some of you really need it.

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PostFri Dec 14, 2012 3:58 am » by Domeika

You can make the housing from just about anything. The barrel and bolt on the other hand require heftier pieces of steel.

For a barrel, you can make it from a solid piece of stock but unless you use a "gun drill" the drill will walk, i.e. not go straight. A gun drill has a cutting tip but instead of spiral flutes it has a flat down one side to let the chips out. After that, you need to "rifle" the bore in order to give the projectile spin so it doesn't just tumble end over end. There are machines just for this but you can do it yourself with an indexible jig to cut a long spiral internal groove. This of course assumes you are using heat-treated stock. That would mean first using a good grade of steel, say 4150 and hardening it, then annealing back down to a temper where it can be machined but still maintain a hardness of about 35-45 Rockwell. Harder is not better when it comes to gun barrels because if something goes wrong you would want the barrel to bulge instead of blowing apart like a grenade. Of course on the flip side if it's too soft that's no good either.

If you were to do your own heat treating though you need a verticle furnace with a depth (duh) longer than the barrel, and for annealing it would be the same, unless using a salt bath which would still require depth but gives a better control of the annealing process.

The AK is popular because most of it's parts are stamped out. You could make the multi-stage dies yourself to accomplish this. All you need is good die making skills and a punch press. UZI, MAC-10, Mini-14, et al....same thing. Or you could do it cave man and just beat a hot piece of metal (like a shovel) and make it bend to your will...that works too. :D

All in all, if you were going to buy something even just because I'd say buy barrels. You can put in a shell and hit it with a rock in the worst case and if nothing else just put it on a shelf hoping to put a gun on the end of it some day in the future. Be sure that you know what you want when buying a barrel though. There is an option for "undersized" and what that means is that the shoulder where the shell sits has extra material. This is so you can "blueprint" the gun by putting the barrel in a lathe and boring out exactly what you need for the bolt to close and no more. Most people would probably opt to buy it to size, no further machining required.

As for saltpeter, they were pretty close already with the shit shovel. You don't dig a hole to get saltpeter. You find shit. Manure to be precise. If you see a stone bank barn used for cattle/cows look closely at the stone outside. If you see someting white that looks like mold or are looking at saltpeter. To produce saltpeter, pile up rocks to form low walls 1 to 2 feet high and make it a rectangular box, the longer the better. Pile manure inside and let nature go to work. Soon you will see the saltpeter form on the outside of the walls. Harvest it and mix with charcoal and sulfer (charcoal is easy, sulfur you have to find) and bazinga......
gunpowder. :dancing:

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