How to PWN Youtube! (Grab Videos Easy!)

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PostSat Oct 16, 2010 6:59 pm » by Ghost32

I use a combination of programs.

I use it will give you multiple links to different quality formats
Then I use Flashget V3.5 as a download manager. (why do I do this, because if you just click the link to download through your browser it only opens 1 connection and increases download time alot, but flashget v3.5 will try many connections increasing the speed of the download by like 100%)

I goto keepvid paste in the link to the video I want to download, grab the link I want with my mouse and drag it to my download basket I wait a few seconds until I see the actual file size of the file then press ok.

This method works very well when you have alot of videos that need downloaded and dont want to wait 15 minutes for each one to download at 50kb, using flashget I can get the entire use of my bandwidth sometimes downloading at over 700kbs with over 5 files downloading at one time usually each file around 20-30megs.When you add that up it comes down to downloading over 100 megabytes of data with in a 5 minute or so period which is very impressive, flashget v3.5 is the only download manager I know that can handle odd youtube links from download sites also, other programs I tried did not work.So flashget v3.5 gets my vote.

I just wish someone would develop an upload manager to increase uploading speeds allowing upload with multiple connections.Since uploading works with 1 connection it is terribly slow unless you have an incredible upload speed.
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