Supriem Rockefeller-The Life of a True Con - part 2

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Before the likes of Lowsix has a seizure..

I am only posting this as a source for the one has to comment and it can blip to the bottom of the barrel. The reason I am posting, is this topic which has thousands of links on google, DTV is number 1 link! :pray:

So we have a responsibility to also share the full story.....Wes P took down the ebook, and said he would not repost....I sent him a message asking him to send me a copy and would not post here- assuming he the time awaiting a response ...lo and behold ....I trip over a copy from the source "Goaway" when the stars align as they say...

As it is already out there, I can post the link as it is then fair use...

If anyone is curious have a read...

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hey beks hows it goin buddy i loved the sperm rokk a freak posts here btw, it was great entertainment for many im sure ,you couldnt dream it up it was so funny and bizarre ,!! no really a hearty laugh to be sure, and yhe chap
with the lipstik egyptian symbols on his face, oh mate, wat a funny old world ,! oh! i got a stitch from larfin ! aahaa ha the best becks!!! u gotta love dtv hey! all the best from me in rye ! tanks for update my good man!
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well I tried something and it Fecked up...dammit..
I am on BecksDtv on I am sure you will be amused from there on....just make sure if you add me, say you are from DTV and state your user name....plz

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Hey man! thanks for keeping us informed, DTV is famous in that pdf thingy majig, cool lol :D - Premium E-liquid

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PostThu Sep 09, 2010 3:08 pm » by Becks

Becks Dtv I sense a disturbance within the force ( ;) )
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Wes Penre Yes, and let's say this too:

Because book 2 is online, those who want to read it will read it no matter what. Some will say: "That's it. The truth is out. End of discussion.", while others hopefully will say: "Hm, wait a minute. This doesn't feel right at all. There is much more to this story!"

The only part in book 2 that I give credit to, really, is the absolute last paragraphs, where I ask rhetoric questions, which are not being answered from the data in the book. Still, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. I count on the reader to think of more...

Also, when I said that Book 1 is a much more important work, I mean in its final version, which is now online and downloadable in pdf. Those who only have read the first version, issued in June 2009 and haven't looked at it since, will now find a whole different book! It has matured quite a bit since then. For those who have patience, I would suggest go to and take another look.

I would appreciate if you could post the comments I've made this morning on DTV, Becks. Then, at least I feel I have put my two cents in.

Thanks :)

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PostThu Sep 09, 2010 3:29 pm » by Megame23

From the site on Supriem curent events:

Update Friday, June 18, 2009 at 10:37 AM: Supriem’s Two Hand Tattoos: Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus

“The right eye is the Eye of Ra and the left is the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is just slightly larger, not much. Ra=Sun, Horus=Moon.”

Supriem says that from now on, everybody working for him needs to have the Eye of Ra tattooed on their palm:

Image ... 5-updates/

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PostFri Sep 10, 2010 2:15 pm » by Becks

Wes Penre asked me to post this comment on DTV .....via his facebook comments..
Wes Penre To those of you who are going to read Supriem Rockefeller, Book 2, I want to give you just a few hints of what I mean when I say it's not a good source of material if you wish to know who Supriem is:

The book is mainly trying to expose SDR as a conman, who has been convicted of at least one crime in the past and has murky business deals going on. It also wanted to prove that his birth name is Kristopher Raynes and that Larry Raynes is his father.

1. Supriem was never convicted of a crime. Look at the document "Tom" was able to dig up, saying SDR robbed his employer of $$. After have read it carefully and you still think he's been convicted of a crime, then use and look up every single word you don't know the definition of. It took me a while to find out that he was never convicted. I realized that he would never offer One Million Dollars to someone who could prove he was convicted of a crime, if he really was. He is not stupid.

Did he steal the money? Probably, but that doesn't make him a hoax. Not to justify it by any means, but many people have done weird things in their younger years...

So why did he do it? If you read Book 1 again, it may dawn to the reader why he had a "modest upbringing".

2. We were able to track down his ties to the Raynes family. When SDR was born, ON WINTER SOLSTICE 1974(!!!) - coincidence? -, his mother, Barbara, was married to a Larry Raynes, so it was natural that Supriem got the name Kristopher RAYNES after his step-dad. Yes, step-dad. Nowhere could we prove without any doubts that Larry Raynes is his father, only that he grew up in the Raynes/Lehman family. Supriem has emphasized that Larry is his step-dad, and that is just as true as saying he is his father. Neither has been proven.

3. Look at the business connections exposed in the book, the documents provided and the conclusions we made. Murky business deals? Looks like it, but the evidence has only been able to take us so far. What does it prove? Again, documents, two people (Tom and I) making conclusions and publish them. Does this make SDR a hoax? No.

So what in the book makes him a hoax? Nothing in book 2 can be pointed out, showing "this is what makes him a hoaxer or a conman that has nothing to do with any global agenda". If we want to, we can make a conclusion that he is - it's up to us, but that will only be conclusions which are not based on facts. Realize that there are games within games within games. There is one thing happening on the surface and that's all there is until we start digging. A few feet deeper there's a whole new reality and eventually -- oops! The Earth is hollow??? And what's in the center of that?

Just an analogy, but nevertheless... what I'm saying is that for me, the only value of book 2 is that I've come to the above realizations. I have more questions now than I had before I wrote it and these questions have nothing to do with business deals or whether he's a Raynes of not. And it's not that I can start editing the book, either, because the whole approach is wrong. I should have written it, but not published it. The latter was the mistake.

Becks (and I'm sure other people too) wanted me to explain the fallacy of the book, and I decided this morning that - ok, I'll do that then. And this is it.

Because I wrote the book, I feel responsibility. That's why I don't wanted it online anymore. Still, I realize that it's going to stay online no matter what I think, so at least I've separated myself from the validity of the book by posting this, and there is now written confirmation that I, as the co-author, don't support its context.

And again, I strongly suggest that those who are interested in this whole story at least skim through Book 1 again (but hopefully read the whole thing again): because you will find quite a different book from the one I published in June 2009. It's matured a lot, and can also be downloaded in pdf.

As a starter, read Chapter VII, sub-title: "Being Multiple Deities in One — How it Works" : ... /chapter7/ . That explains the Lucifer/Marduk issue from another perspective, for those who had a hard time putting that part together (I was one of them).

Becks, would you mind posting this whole thing as-is on DTV? If you do, that's a great favor!! Thank you all. Love, Wes

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PostThu Dec 09, 2010 7:50 pm » by Tom2012

A new web report about Supriem Rockefeller:

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