Human origins – Bible theory – Max Heindel – Part 2

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Here is Part 2 of the story about Solomon and Hiram Abiff. Now there are a few common mistakes people make about the story. There is Solomon, and there is Hiram, King of Tyre.

Is the King of Tyre Hiram Abiff, or the skilled worker he send to help Solomon? It seems it is the worker who is Hiram Abiff, so there is Solomon, King of Tyre and Hiram Abiff the worker. But i can be still wrong.


- So Hiram Abiff started building "the Molten Sea". His greatest creation.
It was almost finished when some "agents of the water" planned to sabotage his Molten Sea by pouring water in it. (which is kinda weird because the Molten Sea was supposed to merge fire and water....oh well... sounds like a complex device so i can't explain)
- Solomon learned about this, but decided to stay quiet as his jealousy clouded his mind.
- The sabotage was carried out and when Hiram gathered everyone to start the experiment a great explosion happens. Sparks and flames flying everywhere, the dream of a human utopia being crushed, all because of a woman. I sometimes wonder if that is the reason masons don't allow women to join. That particular accident or the reason that having women and men in one place will create drama, jealousy and hatred.
- In the chaos Hiram heard the voice of his predecessor Cain from the Molten Sea. Hiram plunged into the pool and passed through 9 circles (if i remember right) to meet Cain on the bottom.
- Cain told him about the future (even the people they will be ressurected as i think) and the most important thing - That what Hiram started, others will have to finish. These would be the freemasons.
(We see that Cain want's to merge the Fire and Water bloodlines.)
- Cain also gave him new instruments (a Hammer and a Shield if i remember right).
- Hiram Abiff emerges from the pool triumfally.

read MOAR: ... eory-max-1

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