Human Powered Helicopter Design by Eldorado

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Believe me Ironman........from what I have studied from their designs....

they have:

1) Apx 20 rpm and a fixed pitch for their rotors
2) Can achieve heights of 10 ft
3) Have 8 Rotors with a large surface area of contact
4) Uncontrollable flexing from the rotation of large diameter circular motion of rotors on each leg
5) Lack of compensation for the forward motion maintained through both the pedals and hand cranks
6) Lack of compensation for the lateral movement that occurs when the rotors have moved out of their symmetrical formation, causing an uneven displacement and tilting to one side from its central and pivotal point

Two concepts can be proposed:

1) Create a "Lofting Effect", as in the Quads, with the multiple larger rotors displacing a large area
2) Create a "Slicing and Climbing Effect", as in the BIRD, with the sleeker and higher rpm rotors, with a denser momentum-generating solid-cored extrusion, for additional momentum and rotor rigidity. Combined with an adjustable collective pitch control, we can generate massive rpms......10-15x's faster, while still displacing about 40% of their surface a more efficient high rpm drivetrain......

In closing......if theirs flies on 20 rpm..........Im sure ours will be able to fly in the easiest gear we have on the drivetrain breakdown.......while maintaining 240 rpm........and be able to adjust the rate of climb by up to 300% through a single collective pitch brake lever.

The rotor head and all four rotors on my BIRD are designed to weigh in at 40 lbs.....Here's how easy it is to pedal mine.....

.....Imagine pedaling a bike that has been lifted up and placed on jacks, and you turn a back wheel that's 40 lbs.........but you are turning it through a set of 9 normal have the biggest gear on the cassette, to start in and you can pedal the bike up steep terrain with this gear......and when pedaling this gear on flat ground it feels VERY easy to spin the bike's wheel......

Thats the type of gear ratio's we have installed in the BIRD.......and the BIRD is designed to be slightly more challenging to fly, compared to riding a normal bicycle and the resistance felt while pedaling.

I'm feeling confident...... :dancer:
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