Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years'

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PostTue Jun 29, 2010 9:25 pm » by Septeloid

As the scientist who helped eradicate smallpox he certainly know a thing or two about extinction.

And now Professor Frank Fenner, emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, has predicted that the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years.

He has claimed that the human race will be unable to survive a population explosion and 'unbridled consumption.’

Fenner told The Australian newspaper that 'homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years.'

'A lot of other animals will, too,' he added.

'It's an irreversible situation. I think it's too late. I try not to express that because people are trying to do something, but they keep putting it off.'

Since humans entered an unofficial scientific period known as the Anthropocene - the time since industrialisation - we have had an effect on the planet that rivals any ice age or comet impact, he said.

Fenner, 95, has won awards for his work in helping eradicate the variola virus that causes smallpox and has written or co-written 22 books.

He announced the eradication of the disease to the World Health Assembly in 1980 and it is still regarded as one of the World Health Organisation's greatest achievements.

He was also heavily involved in helping to control Australia's myxomatosis problem in rabbits.

Last year official UN figures estimated that the world’s population is currently 6.8 billion. It is predicted to exceed seven billion by the end of 2011.

Fenner blames the onset of climate change for the human race’s imminent demise.

He said: 'We'll undergo the same fate as the people on Easter Island.

'Climate change is just at the very beginning. But we're seeing remarkable changes in the weather already.'

'The Aborigines showed that without science and the production of carbon dioxide and global warming, they could survive for 40,000 or 50,000 years.

‘But the world can't. The human species is likely to go the same way as many of the species that we've seen disappear.'

Retired professor Stephen Boyden, a colleague of Professor Fenner, said that while there was deep pessimism among some ecologists, others had a more optimistic view.

'Frank may well be right, but some of us still harbour the hope that there will come about an awareness of the situation and, as a result the revolutionary changes necessary to achieve ecological sustainability.'

Simon Ross, the vice-chairman of the Optimum Population Trust, said: 'Mankind is facing real challenges including climate change, loss of bio-diversity and unprecedented growth in population.'

Professor Fenner's chilling prediction echoes recent comments by Prince Charles who last week warned of ‘monumental problems’ if the world’s population continues to grow at such a rapid pace.

And it comes after Professor Nicholas Boyle of Cambridge University said that a 'Doomsday' moment will take place in 2014 - and will determine whether the 21st century is full of violence and poverty or will be peaceful and prosperous.

in the last 500 years there has been a cataclysmic 'Great Event' of international significance at the start of each century, he claimed.

In 2006 another esteemed academic, Professor James Lovelock, warned that the world's population may sink as low as 500 million over the next century due to global warming.

He claimed that any attempts to tackle climate change will not be able to solve the problem, merely buy us time.

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PostTue Jun 29, 2010 10:00 pm » by Allreadydead


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My bad.

Even though I check the forums every day, I missed that one.


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PostTue Jun 29, 2010 10:41 pm » by Samkenman

I wouldn't doubt it a bit that the human race is doomed to extinction, and I'll tell you the reasoning behind my statement. 3 major points.

1. Previous Extinctions: I read an article recently that stated/claimed that 99% of all species that have lived on Earth are now extinct. I tend to believe this statement because of all the dinosaurs of Earth's past and modern life forms that have become extinct the dodo bird. Deforestation, urban sprawl, industrial accidents ect...ect...
Not too sure any scientist can accurately calculate just how many species have been eradicated since the start of the industrial revolution or before, for that matter.

2. Unbalanced Equations: Humans are the ONLY species on Earth that DOES NOT seek a natural equilibrium with its environment. We humans alter and change our environment more than any other creature on this planet. Instead of seeking a balance with nature, we tend to "modify" nature to suit our needs....needs that are often based on "wants" rather than REAL NEEDS. As we go on expanding, Mother Nature is driven further and further back. As nature is destroyed by our means, we are essentially destroying ourselves. The Equation will balance itself eventually and naturally. When nature declines, it is only logical to know that we will also decline.

3. Technology: We humans have developed more ways of killing each other than we have developed ways of saving each other. War after war has become more and more deadly. The military industrial complex has killing humans down to a fine art form. Makes me wonder just how many humans one could kill with the simple pressing of a button. Humans are fragile creatures and instead of respecting that fact, many of have taken advantage of it for the sake of profit.

I could probably go on and on with example after example of why we humans (if we don't change our ways) are one of the next candidates for extinction. Those three points are the main focus of my logic, a logic, that i'm sure, many people share.

Don't get me wrong though....I still have great faith in Humanity and our ability to adapt. We may be the first species to dodge the "extinction bullet" because of our intellect, fortitude and courage. I don't know much...but what I do know is that when the Sh** hits the fan...not all of us will survive and it will be up to Mother Nature to determine if there will be enough of us left to rebound and evolve even further.
:cheers: God Bless Us All :hugging:
Take it easy...and if its easy...take it twice!!

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