I am TOTALLY blown away by Jesse Ventura!

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PostSun Jan 03, 2010 2:05 pm » by Lighthouse

It may be true that Jesse Ventura raises important issues to the general public (which to most of us is kicking in open doors), but the way he does it reinforces the strategy of the Powerz themselves, namely by raising emotions as fear and aggression. The whole fear mongering strategy of the PTB is designed to drive us to this predictable mode of reaction; revolt and violence, a type of reaction they can handle very well. And they will never be defeated by violence, it just makes them stronger.

It makes me question the real motives of people like him and Alex Jones, they have a tendency of funneling the whole disclosure/revolution movement into this predictable, violence driven, mode of reaction, right into the lion's den.

I was apparently not the only one to notice the "fear mongering" agenda.

Opinion from Jane Burgermeister

http://www.theflucase.com/index.php?opt ... 64&lang=en

Alex Jones features heavily in Jesse Ventura's latest episode of "Conspiracy Theories" about the "elites" depopulation agenda using swine flu vaccines.

I scanned the clips with interest.

http://www.infowars.com/secret-societie ... s-tonight/

Very interesting was to see the well known counter intelligence operative Dr Rima Laibow -- married to Major General Albert Stubblebine, former head of a major branch of US intelligence operations -- being presented to Jesse as an insider who knows all about the swine flu scam in a chat in which Alex Jones communicates in breathless and urgent tones outside a garage.

Part of Stubblebine's job was to work out methods of psychological warfare against populations and ways of instilling fear and servility into them.

And to hear Alex Jones telling Jesse Ventura that the illustrious Dr Rima Laibow, who has played absolutely no role in uncovering the swine flu vaccine scam whatsoever, was hiding out in Panama because she was so afraid of the police state in the USA did not instill much cheerfulness or confidence in the viewer.

Alex Jones gives Jesse a number to call Laibow and the next shot is of small plane landing under heavy clouds at a remote air field.

Jesse Ventura, silhouetted against the clouds, greets Dr Laibow, who refuses to even step inside the hanger so great is her fear of setting foot on US soil.

Why didn't she just send an email Jesse as she did to me? I was left wondering as I watched her explaining how terrified she was of staying more than one minute beyond her conversation with Jesse Ventura.

Laibow states compulsory vaccinations are planned and mentions the emotionally charged word "Holocaust."

Shame then that Rima did not respond to my request to get injunctions through in the USA back in June when there was still plenty of time, and even started spreading the word to others -- without my knowing -- that I worked with a tight clique and was unapproachable etc etc.

Thanks, Rima!

That said, as an "insider" she has plenty of useful information on the Codex Alimentarius to offer us while positioning herself to collect information on opponents via petitions and emails.

Another cheery scenes showed Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura sitting in a bar room, both dressed in black and covered in shadows.

Alex explains he has chosen the eery bar location because he wants to talk to Jesse "privately".

As if anything that is filmed by a camera crew for broadcast on TV can be private!

Gesticulating with his hands as is his custom, Alex gives a terrifying run down of the Bildebergers depopulation agenda while haunting music plays in the background.

I could go on and on.

What does this tell me?

This clip tells me that the opposition in the USA has now reached a critical mass, the "elites" know a confrontation is coming and they are trying to instill fear and uncertainty on a larger scale by switching to TV progammes. They know the people are going to win and they are positioning their minions as future leaders while at the same time subtly trying to terrify people under the guise of presenting them with information.

Will the people of America reject this kind of scare mongering and "infotainment" presented as a serious investigation?

Will they realise that the paradigm between the mainstream media and alternative media is as false as the paradigm between the left and the right political parties?

It has just been revealed that radio talk show host Hal Turner was also a national security asset working undercover to collect information on people posting on his boards etc.

Will the people of America rise up with cheerfulness and confidence and take back their country in 2010 from the international corporate crime syndicate and restore the Constitution?

I believe so.
Jane Burgermeister
Nothing is hidden that will not be made known,
Nothing is secret that will not come to light

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PostSun Jan 03, 2010 5:27 pm » by doommongerer

I like Alex Jones and I think that Icke is wrigth about everything,but Jesse's is not bringing credibility to is show having them as guest,that's to bad.And the interview whit dr.Laibow seem staged,how can a small plane come from oversea's and land in the u.s.whitout checking at the costom,and take off apparentely whitout refueling,and everyone know by now that the flu shots were not a weapon of mass genocide dr.Laibow was sounding like a nutcase.

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PostSun Jan 03, 2010 5:38 pm » by Heinousone

Look at it this way, Ventura may be trying to fearmonger people but even if he is, he is passing out some truths that people don't know about. These days you can count on others jumping into the conversation to let people know to not be so fearful. Also others will not search the topic of Bilderbergers and find out more for themselves and possibly some of the people saying dont be so fearful.

In the end we are all playing our parts in the play, the same goes for Ventura and Jones. The play has grown to be more complicated then anyone can have any control over. So if Ventura and Jones are trying to spread fear then they are not taking into account all the people whom are countering that. So in essence all they are doing is bringing truth to people who would not have initially listened to those countering the fear. Even if Ventura has bad intentions he is still being the Shepherd nonetheless.

With that said, I still do not think Ventura is purposefully trying to spread fear. He is trying to spread some truth according to what some other folks are telling him. I see no fault in his ways, but once again we do have Jones spreading his sensationalism.

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PostMon Jan 04, 2010 4:06 am » by Govtslave

I agree that the show contains an abundance of staged dramatic fear prompting. For those of us who are tuned in regularly to the shadow governments around us and what they are doing, it seems silly. However, for the general population who go about their lives still under the influence of mind control pablum like American Idol, Sex In The City, network news, and the false idea that they have constitutional rights, over dramatization may be the only way to get through to them. Or, at least interested enough to dig further for the truth.

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PostMon Jan 04, 2010 4:46 am » by Wolfbane7272

I look past all the fanfair of the show and see the evidence he is presenting thats where my interest lies the evidence .. lets look at the content of the message not the side show dramatics .it makes for great entertainment and provides information it behooves us to research further still to come to our own answers ..lol not everyone is misguided and claim that what they see on a show is fact .


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PostMon Jan 04, 2010 5:48 am » by Simplyput

simplyput wrote:I look at it this way.....
You have to view shows like this from a heightened perspective if you really want to see it for what its worth. If you're looking for entertainment value or you're looking for something introductory, it's fine to just approach it as any other type of programming.

But for myself and many others on this forum I suspect, you've gotta step outside the programming tactics and melodrama gimmicks and look at like this......Jesse is bringing outside the box thinking and skeptical rationalization into a format that is otherwise completely lacking in it. Wether the outcome of his explorations are misguided or not is beside the point.

The main thing to take away from the show is that it looks at mainstream subjects from a place of skepticism while also exploring not so mainstream subjects that the public should have already been introduced to.

You can argue that the show's overdramatic strategy takes away from the validity of some of it's subject matter. But this type of subject matter would otherwise never, ever find it's way onto mainstream television. Intelligent and accredited investigations into this type of content never sees the light of day without a designed effort to smear or debunk it.

So what's better? The show adhering to the industry gimmicks while still getting it's message of questioning the establishment across? Or not having the show at all?

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PostMon Jan 04, 2010 12:09 pm » by Freedomofwill

Remember everyone fear is what keep's you all under control. Violence is what the PTB want.

Peace, and LOVE is what will eventually destroy them. Remember use love and peace, and they will be gone for good.

The other thing I'm thinking about is what I have researched. It appears that we go into different realities all the time. We create what we think about, and we go into the reality of what we think about.

Maybe, just maybe if we forget about all the negative stuff, and pay no attention to it, and pay no attention at all to fear it could all go away?

Think about it.

Besides I no longer trust anyone, even bloggers any more, no newspapers or independent media. They are all working for the same team. There are only very little people out there that post the truth, and I believe you won't find it here.

Look inside of you, think about whats going on around you, and you will eventually find out that all the pain, and suffering the past, and the future are all just a mere illusion.


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