I Don't Ever Want To Let Go

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PostSat Aug 24, 2013 1:52 am » by Doogle

I'm just being a bit soppy at the moment. I think that people that really love someone but, for some reason or another have to end it, is beyond my understanding and even possibly my capability.

Some have to say goodbye after watching their loved one(s) succumb to illness, others through a multitude of similar scenarios. Sorry for the vagueness. Some end it through a decision based on compatibility, yet seem to go through heartbreak in the process.
That's what got me writing this; my girlf is asleep next to me and I remembered this song (below) and really listened to the lyrics - I couldn't do what the people in the song are doing; They are obviously in love but ending their relationship.

Have any of you had to do that?

It even features UFO's. And for me, despite the uplifting vibe, it's heartbreaking.

Upload to Disclose.tv

Sorry, just had to get it off my chest. :)

Addendum: I know I will, and we all will, have to.

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PostSat Aug 24, 2013 2:06 am » by Poison

Love isnt always enough. Sometimes they just cant make it work and its for the best. love doesnt last
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PostSat Aug 24, 2013 3:21 am » by Phoenix rising

Nice song and vid Doogle, love is everything but as Tina Turner said whats love got to do with it, love is about compromise and if you don't have that it can't be real love, also as miss turner said love is a second hand emotion, that being in the sense that many settle for what they think is love and don't really understand what love really is, what many people really settle for is comfort but there is a deep yearning for real love, we all feel the calling but chose not to rock the boat, all to often we settle for companionship over love.
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