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PostWed Sep 23, 2009 10:07 am » by Tzarmo

Hello Guy`s here all of us can write if they have such as expirience like My or other Strange feelings, dreams etc.
The things i will wrote are very serious and are 100% True.

I dream very interesting dream befor around one year and i wonder till today, how this is posible and why i dream something like this.
So what i dream exactly is I was in one place with my Uncle and my Father.
And we speak diferent things, also after a while i quarrel With my Father and after this i just Wake up.

So when i wake up drink some cofee and after few minutes i was going on my Uncle Home to see what they do etc.. like normal.
When i come at his Home.. he look at me and told me.. "What you dream Ysterday" and looking me strange, for few seconds i just was totaly shocked and i was sure that he know about my dream.
After this he explained me without to know anything befor, he told me what i TOLD to him and what i told to my Father every single word.. and also he remember the position of everyone.. like you was here i was there you told me this, he told me that and etc..
So its very wired that he was on the same time, on the same place in the Dream and also know what exactly i told to him and remember it.. i remember the whole dream also..
And that not all after around 4-5 days I saw my Father and YES he had absolutly the same DREAM and yes he remember too every word what i told to him what he told me and the position of eveybody...
So i live Alone in my Apartment, my Uncle live far from me.. and my Father live far for me too in diferent place.. so im asking myself
How is posible 3 Peoples to dream exactly the same Dream on the same time and also to have conversation of this dream and everybody to remember the conversation and etc!?
Its not dejavu because till today this Dream didn`t come true and we never go to this place together and speak like this what we say in the dream.
But this DREAM is very wired and i think have some Spiritualy conection.

P.S Sorry for my English but its not my mother language like you can see

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PostWed Sep 15, 2010 11:15 am » by Tzarmo

So 2 years since this heppand and i do not have any answers I need to know What is this and how is called, maybe something cause this event i want to know.. because imagine when i did it once without to know how i did it exactly if you know how to training this and practic imagine to contact peoples far away from you in the dream and to talk with them.
So no one here have expirience like this?! or hear about something similar?!


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PostWed Sep 15, 2010 2:22 pm » by Tertiusgaudens

That is very interesting, and you should be glad getting through such an experience. Obviously you 3 are very close and deeply connected. Actually each one of you is affecting the soul of the others. Take that as a gift you've got for remembering all you 3 came from the same very ground of Being. Btw, the truth is we all come from the same ground, but some people get a special memory helping them not to forget like you. This is a special gift helping you to live on. Be happy, my dear...
Hope is the thing with feathers...
Emily Dickinson

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PostWed Sep 15, 2010 6:14 pm » by Tzarmo

Yes exactly i agree about the conection but when i did it once this mean i can do it AGAIN and like i wish.. from where i know that i DID it exactly is because i 1st was there in this place and somehow i invate my Uncle and Father this is the reason why i believe i did it, also i don`t have any idea how i do it and how i choice the place exactly but like i say When i know that i did it ONCE im sure there is someway to training this skill and imagine if i can Choice PLACE and Person far away from me when we both sleeping just to invate this person in the place by my wish and we to talk...
I think this is more than e Telephatic because we have conversation like REAL only with the brain when sleeping and i really wish to recive answer how is called this Event and what can cause it!!! Because this is something incredible im sure NOW that all WE the humans can comunicate trought our brains no matter where we are... i think like that because I DID it once already.

Also in all the forums i wrote about this case i didn`t recive any serious argument or answer exactly to the question from 2 years im looking for the Answer what is this and how is working. I was thinking that some person with alot knowlage of this things can try to explain it but till now NO one help me out to understand it.
I hope someday to Understand it and recive the answer.

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