i have not been on in a year.need help! asap

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 9:27 am » by Theyrecomming

Sparkey wrote:Nothing worse than ending up in your moms pouch. :owned:

Holy shit not being on here I saw way to many glp posts I can't tell if your even meaning to be a dick. I do see the humor in it though

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 10:43 am » by Spock

This may be of interest to you...

Implanted Memories

From a recent news story: "Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have successfully implanted a false memory into a mouse’s brain, a seemingly far-fetched idea reminiscent of a science-fiction film."

If scientists can implant false memories in mice, what does that say about the close encounter experience? Could it be that false memories can be implanted in people--not by somebody from MIT, working in public, but by people with a very different agenda and far greater scientific knowledge and technological skills than are possessed by those working in the public sphere?

In May of 1989, I was just dropping off to sleep when I looked up and saw two people entering my bedroom. The alarm system was armed, and I could see their faces in the red glow of its lights. Even though they were in the house, the system was not working. As I startled fully awake, I heard a male voice from the back yard say softly, 'condition red.' The next thing I knew, I was overpowered. I later found a painful lump in the top of my left ear, but no wound.

When a doctor tried to remove it, the thing darted away from his scalpel, moving under my skin down into my earlobe. He was shocked and withdrew. It was later found that the sliver of the object that he had removed had a metallic base with cilia in it that were able to make it move. The surgery was recorded on video, which is on my website, and the doctor has been interviewed about the incident many times. The object is still in my ear.

Now, that object was put there by people in possession of very advanced technology. They installed it without breaking the skin. They overpowered me by unknown means. They entered my house by defeating my alarm system with powerful magnetic fields that persisted the next morning, even though they had no detectable source. (The alarm installer found them around some of his switches, which had to be replaced.)

So, if there is somebody out there with technology like that, who's to say that they can't also implant memories in people right now?

Unfortunately, it's an unanswerable question. The whole close encounter experience could be something designed, or worse, a good experience could have been twisted into something terrifying by people bent on controlling our relationship with the visitors by altering our memories of what really happened.

Would there be any way to tell, I wonder?

Actually, there probably is. I think that if I went across the vast store of memories I have from my experiences, I could pick out a few that stand out as definitely founded in real experience. I could also pick out others that seem more like film clips. They have a strange sort of 'observational' quality, rather than feeling 'participatory.'

For example, the memory of the implant: it is a participatory memory. It happened. Not only that, I can reach up and feel the object in my ear right now.

The December 26, 1985 close encounter also feels like that, as do many of the experiences I had between then and 1994 when we moved to San Antonio. After that, the memories take on a more 'observational' quality.

From childhood, the memories of being taken out to Randolph AFB for those unholy classes seem very observational. I would suspect them all if one of my closest friends did not himself remember some air force personnel trying to convince his parents to put him in the same program. So I know that it existed. What I don't know is whether or not the horrendous memories I have of it are real.

The memory of the Master of the Key is a mixed bag. I was so concerned about it that I called my wife the next morning from the hotel room where I'd met him and told her not to let me decide that it was all a dream and blow it off. Without being entirely sure about its origin now, I'm glad I didn't blow it off, because the Key is probably the single most important thing I've written.

I believe that the whole community of close encounter witnesses should be aware of the research going on at MIT and keep abreast of it. Perhaps, in the future, it will become possible using some sort of instrument like a functional MRI scanner to detect the difference between implanted memories and memories of events that actually happened.

There is obviously a strong reason to seek such an outcome. After my initial terror and confusion on meeting the visitors, I went out into the woods again and again, and found that the relationship changed. I was no longer treated as a lab animal. In fact, I ended up on the most sublime 11-year course of study imaginable. It led to a powerful new understanding of the meaning of being, and a realization that not only does the soul exist, its care and development is the whole purpose of life.

For me, this isn't speculation. I have been in the soul state. Lived in it. Interacted for years with people in that state, who had means of projecting themselves into the physical. These are not 'implanted memories.' They happened.

In other words, I have two types of memory about the visitors. One is that they are monsters with evil, unholy motives. The other is that they are sacred beings, seeking to free us from the cancerous, spreading lie that we are nothing but physical bodies, and to establish among us a new vision of ourselves as part of a far larger and more ecstatic universe of consciousness than we have ever before dared to imagine.

Given how much the government seems to hate and fear the visitors, I know very well which of these groups of memory I trust. There is a dark side all right, but I don't think you will find it among the visitors. It's right here at home, its foundation among the people who have known the truth from the beginning and desired to control it. I think that they might be using advanced technology that they have acquired from the visitors to alter our perception of them and make us fear them, all in the name of continuing control by a system of leadership that failed us utterly long ago, and deserves only to be abandoned and forgotten.

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 10:55 am » by Seriouscitizen

I came across this booklet after researching for these http://www.disclose.tv/forum/can-i-have-your-advice-on-a-haunting-matter-t86221.html events.

It's about how to 'refuse' abduction. Maybe you find something there that could help you.

The voyager series from Deane are also interesting to look into. Lots of advice in there.

Take Care!

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 12:27 pm » by Willease

I'd contact my local (or nearest) MUFON representative.
The camera idea would be a good idea too.

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 2:11 pm » by Devilishwork

You should definitely read the PDF posted in the earlier post. It's will help a bit.


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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 4:56 pm » by DarkHeart

They'recoming, you are not mad nor are you alone in what you are going through, I too have been abducted many times since childhood and am acutely aware of the pain & confusion it causes.

Its very hard if not nigh on impossible for non abductees to grasp how much it messes up the mind & body (yes I had years of migraines & chronic fatigue & bizarre pains etc etc too), people interested in the subject often get an idea of what happens from the likes of Stan Romanek, (psy-op disinfo/ mindcontrolled) who paint a picture of a fairy tale adventure.

However having your memory blocked really messes you up (even more than the reality of it ) , because the subconscious knows damn well what happened,(but you cant bring it into the conscious mind) so you end up with PTSD & all manner of ailments (some relate to "procedures" some are because the psychic pain manifests in the body because the mind can't accept it.)

I can't talk to my wife about it in detail, I have said some things and have slowly built it up over the years, its not something that you can blurt out, its too much for most people.

This is supposed to be good, but I had an adverse reaction to it http://evelorgen.com/wp/tag/dr-corrado-malanga/

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 5:15 pm » by Phoenix rising

Hypnotic regression may be helpful and i am sure there will be someone in the field who can help and show support, be strong, the fact you being released should show you they mean no harm although it may not seem that way
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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 5:19 pm » by DarkHeart

Phoenix rising wrote:Hypnotic regression may be helpful and i am sure there will be someone in the field who can help and show support, be strong, the fact you being released should show you they mean no harm although it may not seem that way

This requires a specialist in abductee phenomena, a normal shrink/ hypnotist will think you are crazy and possibly create more problems than they solve.

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PostMon Aug 19, 2013 5:35 am » by Truthdefender

I'm not crazy, I have a profoundly developed worldview!

Acts 17:24-28

In Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge

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PostMon Aug 19, 2013 5:41 pm » by DarkHeart

Truthdefender wrote:http://www.alienresistance.org/

Upload to Disclose.tv

P.S., don't be hypnotized

This is not just mistaken it deeply offensive.

However I will turn the other cheek & ask would you suggest that a woman being gang raped could be free of her assailants by calling out the name "Jesus" ?

If these aliens are demons why do they need space ships ?

There are branches of Christianity that are like lawyers in their pursuit of people with problems to parasite off.


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