i have not been on in a year.need help! asap

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I really do appreciate it everyone. This is why I love dtv. Sadly still haven't dreamed and woke up in my fucking bath tub. Idk how this will stop. And yes this actually happens around people and by myself equally.

MAY 2011
I just met my fiance and we were laying on the couch with my friend Joe on the other couch watching tv and thought we had a good time and I drifted off to sleep with josie(what I remember)
I got up and walked into my back room and seconds later I was standing at the pouch with the door locked. (I lived in a house with 3 levels) they let me in and I'm shaking and sweating, saying very random shit. I start screaming at them and while they try to calm my down they said I slept just getting up like nothing happened and would start walking to the wooded area. Apparently my friend Joe had to hold my down and forcefully get me into the house. Same night Joe claims after he tried to sleep(obviously very hard to do) he saw me running from the woods after a large flash of light got his attention. Same thing I'm going "crazy" saying things about myself. Name,age,sex,friends. Idk what the fuck was up with that night and when I though they were just joking with me (I'd come clean that I'd had experiences with this early that week) I was PISSED because I thought they were making fun of me but eventually I could tell Joe and josie were dead serious and that night changed them forever. I had 3 "dots" in the form of a triangle evenly spaced one inch apart on my pelvis area. Things like this are why I don't want hypnotic regression. I don't think it will give me clarity. I have more for people interested. Thanks you guys
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PostMon Aug 19, 2013 6:46 pm » by Truthdefender

DarkHeart wrote:
Truthdefender wrote:http://www.alienresistance.org/

Upload to Disclose.tv

P.S., don't be hypnotized

This is not just mistaken it deeply offensive.

However I will turn the other cheek & ask would you suggest that a woman being gang raped could be free of her assailants by calling out the name "Jesus" ?

If these aliens are demons why do they need space ships ?

There are branches of Christianity that are like lawyers in their pursuit of people with problems to parasite off.

Which spaceships are you talking about? And why do the aliens 'speak' to people the same way the spirits 'speak' to the occultists?
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PostMon Aug 19, 2013 7:19 pm » by Tuor10

As Will said: get in touch with MUFON. They specialise in abduction cases I believe.


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