i saw something in san diego

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 6:20 pm » by Phialpha

ok guys so today i finally decided to create an account, let me give a little background about myself before i start proclaiming that ive seen aliens.

My name is Tyler, i am a 19 year old college student at arizona state. i am from phoenix and have been graced with some incredible luck in my life. and sometimes i feel that this is why my life has happened the way it has to lead me to this point in it.

So my entire life my mom has told me about " the people in power" and that "the president isnt who really controls everything" but i was not a believer in UFOs or aliens, i mean yeah they exist but there was no way that they were around OUR planet. So last summer i was in philadelphia visiting my sister with my mom and we had all been drinking , my mom starts to talk about "something" she saw over our house in phoenix when i was little. she spoke of a tiny light source flying around and disspearing, of course i told her she was crazy but she swore to god and then swore on her mothers life (RIP grandma) and it was right then that i got the chills and immediately believed her and my life changed forever from then....

fast foward to college, i meet this girl carly. there is a whole story of how its crazy that i ended up with her but i just ended up with her. So we both enjoy smoking and talking and one day she asks me "do you know what the illuminati is??" from then on i soaked up all the information like a sponge ( i cant wait to start posting in the forums about my theories) i spent countless hours reading books surfing the net and just hypothesizing how they are fucking us over. (i think i have it figured out haha) so anyways she gave me the book behold a pale horse by dan cooper. i read that and began telling all my friends about the illuminati and aliens and all that shit. most of them called me crazy until this last trip we all took together........

double fast forward to the fourth of july. me and about 25 friends rented a beach house in mission beach. anyways were all drunk and the fireworks are going off. after they end i slip into my room with this girl. me and her are "talking" for a good 20 minutes before my really good friend nate runs down bursts open my door and says to me " TYLER DUDE YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS YOU WERE RIGHT" i literally jumped out of bed and ran full speed to the roof. where a few of my friends start telling me about some crazy orbs theyve been watching for 20 minutes. the word alien and UFO was being thrown around alot. it is right when i get to the roof and look up that two >>AMBER<< orbs just magically appeared. Nate told me that there were four before and that they had been moving around frantically. i personally witnessed those two amber orbs laterally move and then disappear. It was really fucking scary to witness something like that, it was 100% not human what i saw. After they disappeared i was still up there blabbering about how we saw UFOs when i saw another one about 10 minutes later. i watched it by itself float up into the atmosphere. so filled with shock and awe i didnt say anything to anyone... by the time i turned around and yelled for people to look it was gone.

It really freaks me out that i actually saw something for myself. And what freaks me out more is my friends who always told me i was a moron for waisting my time learning about this are believers. we all saw something non human that night.

I waited until i had an experience to join this site and start talking about it because im the type of person that doesnt believe unless they see it for themselves. and i fucking saw one. ive also had a very scary experience with ghosts (that multiple people witnessed) and have a crazy connection to the denver international airport that i will share later on.

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 6:33 pm » by Cambay411

I had my first UFO experience pretty young (about 14) and since have had a couple sightings that just blow my mind. I just seen some wierd stuff a few weeks back tho this sighting wasnt the most spectacular ive had if anyone who had never seen a true UFO had been with me to see it they would have been freaked out lol. I want to hear about your connection to Denver Airport that sounds interesting.

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 6:35 pm » by The57ironman

what were you doing ''drinking'' with your mom last summer...? :mrgreen:

:hiho: phialpha......have you been here (unenrolled) long..?

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 7:26 pm » by Truthseekerx

Cool story. Thanks for sharing it.

I've only ever seen one orb myself and it was back in 1998. It was in very close contact and it had a profound impact on my viewpoint of this existence. I didn't feel any fear though--quite the opposite actually.

I'm curious, Tyler, why were you afraid? Was it just because it was a new experience or is there some other reason?

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 9:26 pm » by Phialpha

ive been lurking and reading threads on this forum for a good 6 months now.. never to create an acciont until now. and truth seeker i think i was scared because although i had read and heard of so many encounters i was perplexed that it was actually happening to me. i still have a surreal attitude towards the experience because i could hardly believe it.. but then i saw another one.

and like you said you have the opposite viewpoint i am right there with you. i have this unbelievable yearning to find out the truth in the world. like my brain just thirsts to know the unknown. thats why all this stuff fascinates me so much.

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 9:54 pm » by Dismalcorpse

It's definitely a bit spooky the first time depending on how intense the encounter is. I saw two UFO's in 2005 just outside of F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne Wyoming. I was heading north on Interstate 25 and you pass right by the Base on your way through town. Off to the west there were 2 flashing lights with some non flashing lights between them. Not sure how many, but all were yellow. I might have been watching a plane from a strange angle, but at the time it didn't seem right. Everything was strangely calm, no wind or noises. It was 3 or 4 in the morning and a small town like Cheyenne, thats normal, but there's usually always some wind. But anyways, that creeped me out as well. Neither the driver nor I knew what we were looking at. No drugs or alcohol were involved.

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 10:13 pm » by TheDuck

"For those that believe no explanation is necessary, for those that don't none will suffice"

"The Truth Cannot Be Told...It Must Be Realized"

I've had many a good sighting, peace dude :hiho:
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"The Truth Cannot Be Told... It Must Be Realized"

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PostTue Jul 19, 2011 10:15 pm » by Tuor10

theduck wrote:"For those that believe no explanation is necessary, for those that don't none will suffice"

"The Truth Cannot Be Told...It Must Be Realized"

I've had many a good sighting, peace dude :hiho:

Those are wise words man :flop:


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