I took the wrong pill !!

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I don't know where to start, so I'll just start...

You saw a shape shifting demon / filthy spirit behind the "propane storage tank" where you worked. These are the spirits that rule the earth.

The owl you saw, either you fell asleep and dreamed it, or it was another demon.

Just like the unclean spirits created the abominations called the nephilim, they have today created at least one modern day nephilim known as the gray aliens.

The lapse in time is when you got your nose implant. I still don't know what its purpose is, but I am pretty sure it was carried out by these gray aliens (new age abominations).

more editing...

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Ok, what's next?

Protestant, not too sure what that is. I know Christ never called Himself a christian, but rather a Jew vs one from the synagogue of satan. Plus, the definition of church in the Bible is not a temple, but the followers of God. The Bible also says to be wary of all religions, especially those which preach the word of Christ. Some also interpret the "red dragon" which comes out of the sea which was and now is, to be the new vatican. The Bible says the seventh head of the beast was wounded, that would be Pope John Paul.II.

Point is, f*** religion. Religion is a conspiracy against God, not a conspiracy to control people. Watch "Zeitgeist Refuted" for details.

From my own research in near death experiences, when a body is dead and the soul leaves, if you possess the mark of the beast you will go to hell before your body is revived. The only way to escape this is by calling out the name of God.

It's the same with the fallen angels, they can't hurt you if you possess the mark of God. I researched this on Youtube and found one video of a guy who changed his ways and now he can't even see these orbs / dirty spirits anymore.

The mark of the beast means you do what is wrong with your actions and you think what is wrong with your conscience. You possess the mark in your hand and your forehead.

I'd say, read the book of Revelations, King James version. It is a very small book, and it will make sense to you now that you have spent so much time researching all of this. I hope you find God, for I know for a fact that He is active in divine intervention when it comes to this demon filth harrassing His people.

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This movie is fascinating!

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