I was brainwashed

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PostSat May 29, 2010 5:31 am » by Dazfromoz

My earliest memory is playing with metal bottle tops I had collected from a drinks chest, yes I said chest it was the mid sixties at the time. How long has it been since anybody saw one of those, anyway apparently my mother dosed off and I went on an adventure to my fathers work place he worked at a service station about 2 miles from where me lived.
My mother had me 3 and my 10 month old bro at the time apparently I have walked the two miles to his work t see him, he wasn't there so I collected bottle tops and walked home again. All while my mother was asleep. She had woken to find me playing in the yard with these bottle tops and did not believe me when I told her where I got them.
IN the mean time my father returns to work to be told by other staff that I had been there and gone again and apparently they ignord the fact that I was an unattended 3 year old. Needless to say my dad lost it at them raced home to find all was ok my mom was somewhat devistated at what had happened when she realised I was being truthfull about where I got the bottle tops.. How lucky am I to be alive a 4 mile walking trip two busy main roads all at the age of three and on my own, anything could have happened to me.
Alls well that ends well and after raising 2 children of my own I know just how easy and fast it is to loose site of them at times.

But your right naught the rest is a blur except for those cartoon there in the memory

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PostSat May 29, 2010 5:38 am » by Purplepanther

HOLD THE PHONE, are you my long lost twin? Do not allow anyone to put you down for what you puffed or what you watched, as this ass backwards planet spirals down to nothing sometimes being stoned and numb to reality can keep one sane. Imagine a world where world leaders are put on the front line instead of kids that should be at home enjoying life. I would twist up Kim Chow from N.Korea with both hands tied behind my back. Either way cartoons and all that happy horse shit is the perfect escape for the norm, my kids love it and I love it. The ducks still fly and the dogs still drool. Keep it together brother, better days are just around the corner.

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[/quote]Ya I have this memory of being at a friends house and his parents dropped me off. I was four thy just drove away. Crazy seeing that my parents were NOT HOME! I remember trying the door it was locked and then climbing in the back window. Once I was in my basement I sat and cried. LOL I thought there was monsters and shit. Though it felt like a life time it was probably and hour of me sitting there crying. My parents were choked because my friends parents weren't supposed to drop me off for an hour and a half. Fucking traumatized bro :banana:[/quote]
amazing how irresponsable the other adults around us on those two occations seemed to be!!!!
like I said all's well that ends well

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