If Energy Exists After Death...

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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 7:14 am » by Hesop

Yeah Kyo, that sounds like it. Been quite a while since I've seen it. I remember it was on a TV special and that it was taped, so the results could be viewed in real time as witnessed.

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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 8:57 am » by Drextin

Yes we are made of energy. There can be no debate about that. Energy cannot be destroyed. There can be no debate about that. Those are universal facts that make up the whole of the universe.

Now where that energy goes or where it came from...........that is something each person has to contend with depending upon their beliefs.

The 21 grams theory was based on a very bad experiment by a very bad Doctor in 1907 who was trying to weigh the soul in an attempt to boost his church's membership with a few bodies and then with some dogs. The dogs never showed any loss of weight which is what lead to the "animals have no soul" theory. Since all living things are energy then this could not be true.

The experiment has never been replicated even though the test is done countless times a year by medical school students to test their ability at medical experimentation. with more precise equipment than used in the original experiment I might add.

I don't believe in bi polar disorder. It is used to explain too wide a spectrum of symptoms. It's a lazy diagnosis. A woman who shops too much then gets depressed about it.....bi polar. A man who is prone to extreme bouts of violent anger and psychotic behavior who at times seems loving and normal.......bi polar. Not buying it. It's one of those politically correct terms that came into prominence in the 90s.

The ex mentioned from the tv show sounds like he was clinically depressed at best and yes I believe his energy especially the negative could have a lingering effect on the material world.
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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 12:36 pm » by Babybear

i read a theory somewhere that extreme emotion can be the cause of hauntings.
it`s hard to put into my own words but i`ll give it a go
it`s like in times of great distress or anger or sorrow, an energy is created that is somehow absorbed by the surroundings and then replayed like an echo. sometimes this *echo* can be seen ,heard or felt as an emotion, sometimes all 3 are replayed ,at other times just 1 or 2. perhaps it depends on who is experiencing the haunting as they only be sensitive to certain aspects of it.
i grew up in a house that was haunted by a young boy. i never myself saw or heard anything, though i found the feeling of the house to be quite oppresive.
my mother saw and heard him and *knew* things about him
my sis saw him once but didn`t realise he wasn`t real.
whether hauntings prove the existence of life after death i don`t know. they could be a manifestation of energy that no-one knows how to explain just yet.
i suppose we`ll all find out for ourselves one day though :ghost:

so i would say the answer to your question is yes!

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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 1:52 pm » by Chiphed2

There is such a thing as "residual haunting," which occurs when a terrific and damaging trauma has taken place, say, in a house. i.e.- Someone goes nuts and (God forbid) murders their family. Say, one of the victims was terrorized so badly, that their death was partly caused by emotional schock. Years and years later, someone moves into the house with their family, and the children complain of hearing anomalous footsteps and screaming.

The Ghost Hunters, lets say, come out and investigate, and conclude that the haunting isnot an intelligent haunting (i.e.- poltergeist), but a residual haunting, which takes place in a repetitive pattern, because an imprint of the intense fear fely by the poor victim is made on the house.

I'm a ufo researcher, not a paranormal investigator, but that is my understanding of the phenomenon.

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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 4:50 pm » by Towelie

Obviously i dont think there would be any emotion or anything connected to residual energy but i do think this is an intresting subject - from an energy point of view.

In 1D quantum mechanics there is an absece of matter fields, this allows possible transformation of variables within the 1d quantum gravity model which can lead to a modification of the effective potential of the energy - (Im not v good with explaining this stuff :headscratch: ,) energy can go in get changed altered in some way then come out, sometimes in a different time/place.
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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 5:28 pm » by Drextin

Don't feel bad towelie I've looked into it as well and all the strange things that can happen with energy is hard enough to understand much less trying to add who we are and what will happen at the death to the matter.

Same conclusion here though. There won't be an emotional attachment to the energy and it would be doubtful that the energy would even be intelligent. In the natural universe energy lays no claim to how it is used. The energy would be broken up at some point and become pieces of who we were with little parts spreading to do different jobs.

The same energy that is us could be one day be the energy that first powers a star. It's a weird and amazing concept but granted like the universe itself it is a cold and seemingly benevolent process.

I do not wish to ever fully come to grips with the above. While it's percentage of likely hood is high............I got to believe there is more to all this and I hope sincerely that I find that to be the case either in my lifetime of after.
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PostFri Apr 03, 2009 5:39 pm » by Towelie

Will we be able to find out though, the best ideas so far suggest we can comprehend the physical and quantum realities because our brain works on two levels, physical and quantum - what i wonder is if theres atleast one more "level" of science above the quantum that we just cant possibly comprehend in any way, got a long way to go untill we can have any idea about this one though. (This wouldnt be what people refer to as god or anything as there are ideas about those, this new "level" would be beyond our comprehension so would not fit into any religious theories etc as its unimaginable.)
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PostSun Apr 05, 2009 1:21 am » by Bawdiemaude

i agree that there can be some kind of energetic impression that exists after an event.

When i was at college I had some strange experience of re witnessing my energy impact....in retrospect i dont know...at the time i was convinced.

More recently in a house i rented - for 2 years at a very emotional point in my life when i fell in love with someone and was heartbroken.....I have this feeling that i still haunt that bedroom, i feel like my energy/emotion was so powerful at that time - now whenever I remember that room, i still see movement and action as if i am still living there with my lover....

i know
i know
not one thing to prove it
nothing scientific

just belief.....

i imagine that whatever vibration you hold here as human will likely continue - either high or low...and maybe thats the marker as to whether you reincarnate or continue on to other realities.

and maybe like my two experiences there is residual energy that can be felt...but i dont suppose that is always the soul/full energy of the person - more the pattern of their emotion still vibrating.

this sounds odd.....
but sometimes when there has been a horrific accident and a death....i think i can feel the soul of the person and they seem so confused.....and maybe they are stuck as ghosts wandering?

certainly i think it goes without saying that science does not have all the answers...
but i think imagining possible 'answers' can help with science proving theories. I sometimes dream of a time when artists and scientist have a deeper relationship.....i think the schism between subjects has held our development back.
which is why i like this site...the mixture of science, ufology, ghosts, paranormal and spiritual and current affairs....but where are the artists and poets? (oh that'd be me- and im here! lol)

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PostSun Apr 05, 2009 7:06 am » by Headsinthesand

Big and possibly largly misunderstood question spock, everything is energy and everything lives on in one form or another, be it kinetic, thermal, electrical or any of the others and unknowns, the major question should be, does this energy retain consiousness, or join with the other energys of the world to continue the cycle. looking into the religions of the world you come to see that the general belief is that a level of consiousness is transfered with this energy, and from a scientific standpoint it is extremely hard to define and identify consiusness, as not all energy seems to have a logical consiousness. The question of lingering energys is therefore a question of lingering consiousness. The tests on pure water samples under electron microscopes on control samples and samples from the same batch before and after being exposed to postive or negative emotional energys is quite convincing of the effects of our minds on the world around us and the ability to affect the energys around us. so in short f :censored: k yeah we can have an impact on the energys around us after we "die".

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PostSun Apr 05, 2009 10:20 am » by Clawspiracy

Ok... No one said it or asked, so I will. What about Bob Marley, then?

Bob is dead, surely. But the energy he created, and the auditory impressions he's left behind on records is awe inspiring. It always amazes me when I see some little kid first getting into Bob. That energy is real. It was captured, rather badly some would say, on nothing more than tape and vinyl... And yet it speaks directly into our deepest humanity. That energy is there. A part of Bob Marley is right there.

So for me, Bob is not dead. When I play him, he's there. And Bob will continue to be here even when I'm gone. Energy is not only transferred and moved, it is recorded and kept. Whether electronically or spiritually it does not matter. The end result is the same. Marley wanted to change the world. His physical existence is gone but his soul's desire continues to do his work. Now, I'm not suggesting we all record albums... But...

John Lennon? The same. Jesus? The same. Mohamed? The same. Jah? The same.

And You? The same!

How much of you will be left behind for others to keep, enabling your energy to continue on, able to transcend death and suffering? What do you leave behind that the world can take and use to heal or create harmony in this human existence? For I will tell you now that if you leave this world and all those upon it with disdain and relief, you have not learned the lesson yet.

The lesson is simple. There is no riddle. Treat everyone and everything with the same kindness and love you yourself would like to receive without the need for reciprocation.
Try this, and life will begin to have some direction. Then, you will have left this place in a better state than it was in when you occupied physical space.

This is the single most important thing I've ever learned on this world. And do I get an "A" for it every day? Sadly, no. I am not perfect. That does not mean I won't strive for it.

Energy exists. We all agree. Think about what I just said, and put on some Marley. You'll see.
It's a Clawspiracy...


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