If Energy Exists After Death...

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Oops. My apology. Hesop's signature says it better...

"Serve no one, but one another"

It's a Clawspiracy...

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kyo121 wrote:@hesop
i think you meant the 21 grams the weight of souls. Scientist have been calling that a myth for a long time so i'm not really sure if the actual test was done or not. If you have some info on if it was really conducted it'd be nice to know.

I've been looking for a reproducton of Duncan McDougal's paper on this but I can't pin it down. Grr!

Here is the relevent part an article about it though.

http://www.missionarysjournal.com/archi ... death.html

Is there anything in the world to indicate that there may be something that leaves the body at death that cannot be accounted for by any valid, proven scientific explanation? Here's something to think about.

In 1906, at the General Hospital, at Haverhill, Massachusetts there was conducted one of the strangest scientific experiments ever made. And because of its weird nature hospital authorities shut down the laboratory tests and any further experiments were forbidden.

It was a project of Dr. Duncan McDougall and centered upon the question…. Does man possess a soul that leaves the body at the moment of death? McDougall reasoned that if a man does somehow survive death, then he must survive in some kind of physical form or substance. He further reasoned that if this soul-substance had any physical properties then it must have weight. And if it did have weight then perhaps it could be detected by constructing a very delicately balanced platform beam scale. A combination bed and scale was built to precision.

Next, McDougall secured the full co-operation of several terminally ill tuberculosis patients. When the time came that one of the patients was near the point of death, he was placed on a bed that had been turned into a gigantic scale. McDougall later wrote a report of what happened: My first subject was a man dying of tuberculosis. It seemed best to me to select a patient dying with a disease that produces great exhaustion, the death occurring with little or no muscular movement, because in such a case the beam (scales)could be kept more perfectly at balance and any loss occurring could be kept more perfectly at balance and any loss occurring readily noted.

During all three hours and forty minutes, I kept the beam end slightly above balance near the upper limiting bar, in order to make the test more decisive if it should come. At the end of three hours and forty minutes he expired …. AND SUDDENLY, AT THE EXACT MOMENT OF DEATH, THE BEAM END DROPPED WITH AN AUDIBLE STROKE, HITTING AGAINST THE LOWER LIMITING BAR, AND REMAINING THERE. THE LOSS WAS ASCERTAINED TO BE THREE-FOURTHS OF AN OUNCE."

To be sure that the mysterious, weight loss wasn't caused by perspiration evaporating and leaving the body, the rate of evaporation had already been calculated and found to be one-sixtieth of an ounce per minute, but the weight loss had occurred within a second or two therefore eliminating that as a cause of the weight loss.

Another possibility that had to be taken into consideration was the weight of any air leaving the lungs at the moment of death. This too had been measured and factored into the experiment. It had been found that the lungs can hold about 300 cubic inches of air, which meant only one sixth of an ounce. Neither of these could account for the mysterious weight loss that had suddenly taken place!

McDougall quickly set about conducting a second experiment exactly like the first one. The second patient lay on the bed for four hours and fifteen minutes before death occurred. But when the equipment registered that death had taken place, the beam on the scales DIDN'T move; no weight loss had occurred. Apparently the experiment had failed. For almost fifteen minutes the subject had no heartbeat, and to all indications life had ceased; only the facial muscles still twitched. And then suddenly the facial twitching stopped, and when it did …… at that precise moment … the beam on the scale dropped with an audible sound! The scale registered exactly one ounce of weight loss…. and it could not be accounted for in by any known cause! When McDougall later duplicated the same experiment using animals instead of human beings ……. no weight loss occurred. (*1)
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Yes it does , I will keep this short , but review my link to some photos I have captured which began at ancient sacred sites near my home , Plasma lights , not ghost , nor orbs.
I have personally passed away for but a brief moment and can assure you you are eternal energy , your soul, or consciousness as I prefer never ends , you are pure energy which is light .
The more you draw yourself to this with pure intent , the more that will be attracted to YOU!

I was also at close range to the most brilliant light UFO in 1984 with a friend , this experience was at such range we felt heat from the pure light , we drew it in with out thoughts and intent .
Lots going on behind the curtain my friend , the illusionist holds us in mind prisons .

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good post spock,well worded,
i started to understand about"ghosts" after at the age of 15 i got severly haunted in family house .went on fro two years and almost drove me crazy ,but also inspired me to look for answers,it was a very upset entity that was around that house,i never believed in anyhthing like that before it actually started happening,then it changes u mind eventually,set me on the path of questioning all i thought i kn ew.
with the power of soul,anything is possible
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My thoughts are idk nor do i care or fear it because we all will figure it out sometime so why dwell on it. Live the days one moment at a time. Always be grateful you woke up this morning
Hi, how are you today? Would u like a tall glass of SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!


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