If Jews 'own' The land of Israel i own Frisia!

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Is this comparable with Jews claiming they own Israel?

Let me explain,
i live in the Netherlands; i am Frisian; we have our own language
some frisian want us to be/have our own county/state...So...


The Frisians are an ethnic group of the Germanic people living in coastal parts of The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. They are concentrated in the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen and, in Germany, East Frisia and North Frisia[1]. They inhabit an area known as Frisia. Frisians have a reputation for being exceptionally tall, contributing to the Netherlands' ranking as the tallest nation, large boned and blond-haired.[2] The Frisians have rich history and folklore.


Pre-Roman times

The Frisian origins are obscure. Archeologically, Frisians share a local development with other people like the Belgae in northwest continental regions, dating to the Elp culture (1800-800 BC). The Elp culture shows local continuity, starting with the emergence of the neolithic Corded Ware culture (2900 BC onwards until 2450) and running through Bell-Beaker cultures (2700–2100), Bronze Age Barbed Wire Beakers (2100-1800 BC). The Elp Culture itself began with a Hügelgräber phase, showing a close relationship to other Northern European Hügelgräber groups (sharing low-quality pottery called "Kümmerkeramik"). This phase transitioned smoothly and locally to Urnfields (1200-800 BC). Apparently, the local tradition was only broken around 800 BC, by the Iron Age Hallstatt culture and later by La Tene, which originated south and south east of Central Europe. It was thought that this change was caused by immigration, but it is now attributed to a local development stimulated by external influences.[3] The Hallstatt elites may have had little social influence in Frisia, because there is no evidence of royal burials there.

Roman times
The Roman empire under Hadrian (ruled 117-38), showing the location of the Frisii Germanic tribe, inhabiting a region corresponding roughly to the coastal Netherlands

The Roman empire under Hadrian (ruled 117-38), showing the location of the Frisii Germanic tribe, inhabiting a region corresponding roughly to the coastal Netherlands

The Frisians were able to form a treaty with the Romans at the River Rhine in 28 AD, thus avoiding conquest. But sixteen years later, when taxes became repressive, they hanged the tax collector and defeated the Romans under Tiberius at the Battle of Baduhennawood. The Frisii were known and respected by the Romans and written about by several sources. Tacitus wrote a treatise about the Germanic peoples in 69, describing the habits of the Germanic people, as well as listing numerous tribes by name. Of the many tribes he mentioned, the name 'Frisii' is the only one still in use to refer unequivocally to the same ethnic group.[7]

Friesland had been settled early, with evidence of terp-building, the distinctive raised settlements, starting in 700 BC. Frisii were mentioned by Roman historian Tacitus[8] and earlier by Pliny the Elder[9]. According to inscriptions found in Roman Britain,[10] some of them served the Roman Army and used Frisiavones as a synonym. Expansion to the south-west occurred probably as early as 70 AD, when the westernmost parts of the rivermouth were abandoned by the Canninefates in the aftermath of the Batavian revolt by Julius Civilis. Emigration to Flanders[11] and Kent[12] happened peacefully within Roman jurisdiction and probably reached a height in the 250s, due to heavy flooding. Around 290 AD Constantius Chlorus mentioned Frisians among the pirates that were raiding Roman Britain, but in the records the Saxons took over this reputation in the fourth century. This coincides with archeological evidence that habitation of the original area remained scarce for about 150 years and only recovered in the 400s. It has been suggested that by then a part of the Frisians had already merged with the Saxons, to whom they were closely related. The Frisian languages remain the closest surviving languages to English.[13]


Jews, get out of Israel.....
if we all think like this, we all can claim land anywhere everywhere everytime

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Go to the UN and tell them to vote... long live to israel

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i own the world chicko and everthing in it

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