If the 'Dollar collapse' happens? Unanswered Questions

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PostWed Feb 16, 2011 4:57 am » by Interditx

#1 U.S. debt could become a massive crisis at any moment. China is saying all of the right things at the moment, but many analysts are openly worried about what could happen if China suddenly decides to start dumping all of the U.S. debt that they have accumulated. Right now about the only thing keeping U.S. government finances going is the ability to borrow gigantic amounts of money at extremely low interest rates. If anything upsets that paradigm, it could potentially have enormous consequences for the entire world financial system.http://www.pakalertpress.com/2011/01/23 ... e-in-2011/
If the Dollar falls apart tomorrow, would this not mean the the War Machine falls apart under it's own spending weight? How many sorties would it take to bring our troops home and how? It's a long walk from over there if the Dollar is worthless???

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