Illuminati agent BARAK quits shortly before actor "Barack"

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Israel: Illuminati agent BARAK quits shortly before actor "Barack" is "jailed" in USA

"Part of outgoing Defense Minister Barak’s political fate rests in the hands of Attorney General Weinstein. Once he makes a decision on whether to indict FM Lieberman, we may see Barak returning to government." (1)

"The defense portfolio in the next government, even if it’s headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, had ostensibly already been taken from him"
At this point of the game, there is no more room for traitors.
Hello Russia, for how long will illuminati agent Sergey Lavrov, "coincidentally" also "Defense" minister, be allowed to continue to play his traitor role?

"Coincidentally" Barak "quits" one day before the "Arafat exhumed" act. (2)
Reminder: the most famous act starring Ehud Barak had terrorist Arafat as the other guest star of one of the faces of the Last Antichrist, BushClinton. (3)

Talk of Bara(c)ks and indictments:
president "Barack II" will be "jailed" in USA within weeks (3).

(1) ... m-1.480704

(2) Terrorist Arafat murdered by illuminati: easy to predict plutonium after body exhumed

(3) 7/11/2000: Traitor Ehud Barak and terrorist Yassir Arafat celebrate with one of the faces of the Last Antichrist, BushClinton-

(4) November 2012: "Obama" tears -THE FIRST EVER real BREAKING NEWS about actor playing "Obama": he is not completely a BEAST

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