illuminati is good....really........good...not bad.....good.

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PostThu Dec 10, 2009 3:09 am » by Blondie1w2000

aquarius wrote:If the goal of the Illuminati is for the mind & intellect of mankind to expand/evolve, unobstructed by the teachings of, for example, the church or of some states, then I'm sorry to say that they've really done a piss poor job. We're as clueless as we ever were, which brings me to my next point. Nemsis, I've got some home truths for you that you may not like either, it you don't pull you're fat head out of you arse soon you absolute wanker, the growth of your ego inside your rectum may in fact cause a chain reaction whereby you actually digest your digestive system, or something along those lines you magnificent cunt!

Anyways, continuing, shouldn't knowledge be shared. If the illuminati wanted to change anything, wouldn't sharing some knowledge with us common folk, knowledge that completely went against everything that this existing civilization has believed, cause such a stir as to shake the very foundations of our world as we know it. An example of such knowledge, cliche'd I know, imagine motherships hoovering over capital cities all over the world one morning. Imagine how that would fuck peoples shit up. I mean, would you go to work? Bollox if you say you would, the worlds economy would loose billions. Doesn't have to be disclosure, could be something completely different, say proof of a periodic cataclysm whereby many civilisations on earth have been wiped out by some major periodic planetary event which is, imminently due. But no, we don't hear shit, their war is invisible, we are collateral damage.

Hense I say a big fuck you to the illuminati, a big fuck you to the Vatican, there's no amount of sorrys that will ever repair the damage you've caused, and a big fuck you to the NWO/OWO, I'll raise my kids how I see fit, and anyone who has a problem with that, fuck you too. :sunny:

WOW! Touche, MAN!

What if, just what couldn't comprehend the new "science?" What if you "common people" were given, time after time, the opportunity to educate yourselves. Free education. Housing and food for poor children on welfare. And yet, you choose to turn into ignorant fucks. How about...FUCK YOU?


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