Immortal Technique @ Occupy Wall Street: "We're here to stay

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shut it down.
we didn't need it for 136 years.

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“I'd like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people who think the world owes them a living.”

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phaeton wrote:Immortal Technique at Occupy Wall Street: "We are here to stay"

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So this is what I got from this video:
The Good:
"Stop using credit cards..."
Credit cards really were a way to be able to handle emergencies...not buy a TV or other luxury oriented items.

No accountability from the top...the example was the military where soldiers fell for decisions made from the top.
This is a good solid statement and does need to be fixed.

The Bad:
"if it bleeds it leads..."

"People didn't decide to get up and be angry about nothing..."
Ok, so why didn't he mention all of the Unions and Non-profit organizations that actually got the people on the streets? This is not individual's coming out to meet and discuss what they can do to fix the problem...this is individuals asked to come out to represent the "Revolution"...he is playing word games here.

"Perfect connect...connect to wall street... making the police more confrontational...encourage them into violence..."
People are leaving trash everywhere, blocking traffic, causing issues that are hindering the 99.9% of the rest of the people actually trying to make a living. The mayor has responsibilities to everyone...not just people who are upset...about everything (he covered many many topics...all of which should be addressed...but won't be until we get the right people into office).

"What are we supposed to do? Sit back and kick everything upstairs and hope it will trickle down?"
It is called voting and making sure you know who you are voting for...and that who you are voting for will actually do something right. He admits the majority of the folks there are the same folks who voted for Obama...of course they didn't actually research his past or think about his connections...they just listened to his "Hope and Change"... and now that he is turning out to not produce...even though Immortal said that they "Know Obama is just playing the game because he knows the system"... Obama was raised in a family that are/were known Socialists...he taught socialism...and they think "He knows the system"?
Every day they just sit there, is every day they aren't finding the right representative...doing something to earn a living (there are jobs...just not the kind they want right now)... and don't just "sit back" and "hope" money trickles down in America... you WORK FOR MONEY... he knows this...he is a rapper..he is going on tour...and I would be willing to bet that he is there partially for concern...but partially because he knows his presence will be a form of marketing...for his products...which the target audience of his music...happens to be protesting...uh... so yeah...

"We would leave it in your hands so it can be completely destroyed..."
(saying if they didn't care <protestors> they would leave it in "your hands" to be destroyed...implying "them" or "the elite controllers")
Sorry to say this...but America's politics and methods to the political system have been very well documented...if they actually "cared" they would go back to school...get into politics...and make the change...not point the finger, blame, and sit around for someone to fix things... as well... I wonder what country he thinks is "doing it right"? As well, since America *IS STILL* considered to be one of the, if not the, top economic, political, and military powers of the world... and we have been "destroying it"? It wasn't until around 1998 when Clinton and associated democratic members made it "possible" for people who couldn't afford buy houses... and passing legislation that forced banks to give loans...and this is "Wall Streets" issue how?

"Thing haven't changed too much honestly..." (talking about Obama's actions)
Wow...where to start on this one...well HealthCare is a very good start...that is HUGE insurance companies have been re-formatting their ENTIRE systems to handle this new monster nightmare HealthCare system...and even if it gets removed by the next President...the Insurance companies will have to REDO their entire system *AGAIN* to put it back where it was or to whatever formats/regulations they choose upon removing Obamacare...
Our government got into the business of BUYING STOCK IN COMPANIES...something that has NEVER been done before...
Our government has pretty much screwed up a crap ton of things since he has been in office and things have actually gotten WORSE...
Nothing has changed? Uh...yeah...

"When we start costing them money...bleeding the system...then they will realize we discovered how the system works..."
Disagreement: the first of this interview...he was saying people are getting arrested for "no reason"...but then he starts saying things like the above...and where they *KNOW* they are costing all sorts of issues/problems..."bleeding the system"... causing *HARM* make change?
Since when has this been the "American" way? Don't give me War BS... I am talking about our internal politics...when has intentionally damaging something/someone resulted in +positive+ results since America was formed?
The system...does not work that way...the way it *does* work is for people to ELECT the right PEOPLE into office...not the same people...the system would work *BETTER* if we, the people, decided to just replace EVERYONE in office currently next round of elections...all of them...everyone... that WOULD change the system. Bleeding the a destructive motto...

Torture is not ok in America but is ok outside of America?
What torture is he talking about? Water boarding? How is this, again, the fault of Wall Street? Why harm the small businesses and local economy because of this reason? It sounds good...but when you think about it...they are there because,, and the Unions asked all of their "hard core" followers to start the momentum...and now people like this are "playing the system". He knows the system...and he is using it...right in this video...

"The large media organizations tried to claim the Tea Party was a reaction to Obama...which it is is a reaction to their republicans and that they are not conservative enough."
This is 100% BS...and speculation on his part... the Tea Party was formed due to the corruption as well as the crazy left wing progressives...the majority of the Tea Party was sparked *because of Healthcare* and *policies* Obama was passing when the Democrats had control of the house... the fact that he thinks the Tea Party wants even more conservative members is completely...*NAIVE*...

"The moment we stop reforming democracy is the moment we cease to be a democracy..."
What tha' huh? Reforming democracy....hmmm...into what? Democracy is democracy...we are really...or actually were...a Republic...never a true Democracy...big big difference...again...lack of understanding of terms and what they mean...due to...lack of the willingness to actually READ and LEARN what the hell it means...

The moment the revolution stops that means the revolution has been betrayed.
Revolution? Uh... they are "peaceful" demonstrators... yet they call their movement a "Revolution"...does he know what this word means?
1. an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
2.Sociology . a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence. Compare social evolution.

Again, contradicting himself... peaceful protest... revolution...same interview...same time frame...*COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CONCEPTS*

Sorry...this guy has some good things to say...but he is playing the same record IMO... which is:
People who "think" they know what they are doing...and talking about...but in reality...they have *NO CLUE*...what it is they are saying...or if they do and he does...then he is BLATANTLY LYING...

You can't have a "peaceful revolution"...look it up...history...books...READ...

Yet another person...who is talking in circles...not well defined in what it is they are protesting...other than: " isn't fair and is hard...those old dudes with all that money? Yeah, they have been keeping it from us...and it is our right to have access to it...because things aren't fair..."

Uhu... not buying it... sounds good...and he is good with words...but then again he is a rapper and that is what he does for a living... so... I think he is there speaking the "general mood" on camera...because it is the absolute BEST marketing he can do for those people...when they collect their unemployment checks... can spend it on his music... which the same people they are protesting...will end up having paid for 75% of it all...


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rydher wrote:Seriously Phaeton, this isn't difficult to grasp. The discussion/argument isn't what the problem is. It's how to fix it.

You already know the answer to your question.

Yes, brilliant.

Try again.

Answer the question.
"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music"
"All our science measured against reality, is primitive and childlike - yet, in contemporary consensus, its the most precious thing we have"

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