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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 6:17 am » by Eyajwhynsos

Feel free to skip this note, but I encourage ya to read it.

(note: Without speculation a board such as this could not exist and yet on many other boards I find condemnation of speculation. Well this thread is for those who want to speculate and as well condem. So while evidence like scientific evidence is not required what is required as I would much like it to be, is at the very least a reason to the best of your ability and then here while we ask each other can help each other refine his or her belief/thoughts. Thanks guys)

Is Immortality a reality? I view it as the biological counter part of the perpetual machine or more likely akin to the over unity machine in that you have to put some energy into it but get far more out of it. What is your take and why do you take such a stance?

Is Immortality possible and why do you say so?

Is Immortality Immpossible and why do you say so?

Are you unsure, and why do you feel that way?

I'll start it off in the next post...thanks for reading and take care...

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 6:30 am » by Eyajwhynsos

Here's what I think one way immotality can occur. The human body has to increase heat continuously for say 7 days. (I'll answer why if someone ask in another post for sake of space)*

You can do this by Consciously keeping any muscle constricted the entire time, so one, ya need to be awake, and two ya need to find a way to constrict a muscle continuously think holding ones arm aloft for the entire time with out any support.

What this would do would be to build up heat internally creating pressure as well as causing the ineternal organs mainly the heart and diaphragm to become more and more relaxed as well as the internal layer of skeletal muscles. Each organ/layer would become relaxed enough so that the internal heat could freely flow through it with little resistance. Then the endothermal layer of the skin would be next to become resistant free by becoming relaxed allowing the pressurized heat to flow freely through it. (the layer of ones skin inside the body that ya can't see or touch directly). Eventually by the seventh day if this is kept up the epidermal layer of the skin (the part you can touch and see) will relax and too become resistant free also allowing the pressurized heat to flow freely through it..

What I believe then would happen is a vacuum effect where the built up pressure of heat would rush out as the last outer layer of skin (epidermal layer) became relaxed and resistant free pulling the heat away from the internal organs especially the heart and diaphragm causing them to constrict. Because of the build up of pressure the rate is such that that these two organs become permanently denser then before. As the pressure equalizes and the rate of heat dissipating from the epidermal layer (the outer layer of skin ya can see and touch) this layer of skin too finally constricts at the end of this rather quick process just before the heart and diaphragm and the rest of the internal organs become too constricted that they are unable to move/function.

What is left are the heart and diaphragm that have become denser then the rest of the body and organs (I'll explain why if you ask me for sake of space)* and thus each beat of the heart and inhalation of breath generates a far greater amount of heat during each cycle in relation to the rest of the body. Because of this the body now would be producing more heat then it could give off! The process would eventually repeat it self perhaps taking longer each time but would none the less the process would continue to repeat itself strenthening the internal organs and body causing the outerskin to become tighter in short a perpetual state or immortality.

* Questions?

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 2:53 pm » by Kyo121

define what you mean by me there are two kinds.
one where you stay young forever but are not immune to death.
and the other where you grow old but never dies regardless of bodily failure.
of course you could be talking about both but to obtain both is quite more unrealistic then to get either one or the other.

It was always been my opinion from what books i could read on the subject that eventual death starts in and by the brain. If immortality is to be found it will be found researching on the brain, if you're just looking for something like instant regeneration then i suppose cellular research would be more appropriate.

I think the question that should be added is would you WANT it. I know alot of people who do not want immortality and a few that do, but majority of people i know personally would chose natural life span over living forever. The first kind of immortality i talk about is different though, no one i know would turn that offer down, to live young till the day you die without growing old or suffering from conditions of old age.

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 2:55 pm » by Drjones

Definetely possible for me anyway,good topic :flop:

I believe the body to be a vessel,the soul/spirt.lifeforce lives on.. :sunny:

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 4:41 pm » by Snake Plissken

Immortality is a state of mind, believe your going to die and you probably will! :wink:

This life sucks, so it would be just my luck if i got to live for an eternity! :D
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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 9:06 pm » by Eyajwhynsos

kyo121 wrote:define what you mean by me there are two kinds.
one where you stay young forever but are not immune to death.
and the other where you grow old but never dies regardless of bodily failure.
of course you could be talking about both but to obtain both is quite more unrealistic then to get either one or the other.
I think the question that should be added is would you WANT it. .

good questions first though your own definitions seem to either show dislike to some one wanting immortality, lol, or like most sees immortality as a burden or merely an extension on one aspect of life, stay young looking but die, age but live forever. Kinda grim but shows a general lack of appreciation and most likely imagination for what immortality can be no disrespect. But the concept of immortality living in a sustained state indefinitely would be
a good description.

Though the choices would be more along the lines of a "perpetual state" where the effects are progressive (as described above) or a "stagnate state" where the effects are degenerative (aging at a slower and slower rate).

Though immune to natural death as oppose to unnatural death meaning someone could still hit you with a car and kill you. However in a perpetual state say after 100 or 1000 of these completed cycles your body may be strong enough to survive being hit by a car...think about that-

"I'm at cycle 200,000 I've just reached superman level go on take your best shot!" :shooting: "wait was that at cycle 200,050?" :headscratch: :think: :? "oh SH*T!" :o

This is why I presented my thoughts, there are two things worth noting in my explanation which includes both staying young LOOKING, and body (internal as well as external) strengthening. Because we are unable to directly strengthen our internal organs exercise can do but so much. The process I described would effect the internal organs directly so they would still age but with each completed cycle of the process I described would become stronger hence the aging would become less and less noticeable though aging still would naturally occur but would be countered.

But what I didn't list due to space is how one would feel, once this process occurred, your body would be continuously radiating heat at an ever increasing rate, this would have the effect of your outer body feeling as if it is "cooling" off while the feeling of intense heating up internally would also be felt, how does one interpret that? In short I am talking one would feel as if they were having a continuous body orgasm and with each process would enhance that. To me if the ancient gods were flesh and blood and did exist in this perpetual state of immortality, then I don't think there would be a question of "would you want to". This is what I mean with no disrespect of course as to the lack of appreciation and or immagination.

So in short if the process is perpetual meaning the state one is in would enhance with time, verses if the process was somehow stagnate meaning the state one was in would appear to remain the same, I would choose perpetual immortality in which I continued to not just live but enhance my experience or state of's not as fanciful as it first seems, I mean it is concieavble.

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 9:17 pm » by Theshee

Man... your going to combust with all that heat LOL

Snake... it would be just my luck that I would live till eternity too LOL

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 9:36 pm » by Drextin

This is all conjecture but...........

It seems to me that immortality even as a fluke of nature is possible. The real question is to what extent.

Immortality from disease and aging seems to be the likely scenario. I don't know if being immune to massive injuries is possible though. That takes regeneration of cells and while that could happen it would take something mystical to keep you from dying if a major organ was destroyed. The regeneration process would have to be so fast it defies anything else found in nature. Like a lizard who can grow it's tail back takes a while for it to happen.

So I guess immortality is possible but with limitations.
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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 9:50 pm » by Eyajwhynsos

perhaps this guy can tell us more about immortality...

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PostSat Apr 25, 2009 9:57 pm » by Cornbread714

Eyajwhynsos, man, you got some wild theories. I like it - totally original and WAY out in left field. :flop:
Give us more... :sunny:
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