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From what I read on this forum, it appears some of you are afraid about what is to happen as the economic foundations of this world fold up and collapse. I know too that many of you may consequently become extremely angered when you experientially real eyes that the word ‘economy’, when spoken phonetically, says, ‘he con me’.

Say this quickly out loud: “The world he con me”. Then laugh.

It is natural we feel hurt, and then become enraged, when we real eyes we have been conned. Essentially, we become enraged with ourselves when we real eyes we have conned ourselves by conveniently depending on the promises of false gods to sustain us, instead of developing the capacity to perceive and digest the sustenance from within our true source.

Now, as the big con is gradually being revealed, we must face the inevitable adjustment.

And, as the house of cards begins to collapse - as the immensity of the financial poker-like bluff is revealed - many will grieve the extent of the energy we have expended in support of a way of living that has initiated more self-destruction, self-denial, self-deceit, and unhealthy co-dependence than is possible for any one of us to comprehend.

Right now, the people we have allowed - through our unwillingness to accept responsibility for the quality of our own experience - to parade as our overlords –– are doing a very desperate tap-dance. It is actually funny to watch. It is by far the best TV I have seen in years! Our world leaders and their financial compatriots are saying anything and everything in a desperate attempt to stop us from discovering something quite obvious:

A numerical figure on a computer screen is not money and has no inherent value. It only parades as money as long as we buy the ‘con’ of the supposed ‘he con me’. It is only money and has value while most of it is not in our possession.

If just a small percentage of us now asked for ALL our savings, we would discover predicament this to be true.

What terrifies the governments, bankers, and all the greedy moneylenders of this world, is that somewhere, sometime soon, there is going to be ‘a bank run’. In financial circles it is humorously said that, ‘The 1930’s depression was caused because someone asked for a dollar’. What happens when millions decide they want their money out of their ‘trusted’ banks?

It doesn’t matter in which country it starts – because within 24 hours of a bank run in any country on the planet there will be an all-out planetary bank run. Consequently, all banks will have to immediately shut their doors. People will then discover once and for all that there is not even a fraction of the money available that is supposed to exist. Such a bank run will inevitably begin the moment people real eyes that a government’s current promises to insure their citizen’s savings does not translate into us actually being able to access our savings. Why? Because there are no savings to access. For the most part, there are only flashing digits on a computer screen.

And, when the first bank run starts – it will spread uncontrollably like a windblown wildfire from nation to nation. It will be triggered by one community no longer being able to contain their fears about these government promises and – when the banks are forced to close to hide the truth of their capacities – it will in turn awaken the suppressed anger of the masses. It will reveal the illusion of the ‘he con me’.

This distinct possibility promises to be ‘the greatest show on earth’. This is what 2012 really is – the end of ‘me con me’, ‘you con me’, ‘me con you’, and ‘he con me’. This is the transformation we have all been intending. This is the beginning of ‘the end of the world as we know it’. So, how do you feel?

Now, through this unfolding planetary economic debacle, is the invitation for us to real eyes from whence our Life Force really flows. If all the automated cash dispensers close tomorrow – which they may – especially if we decide we actually want our money – then the greatest hoax ever played upon planet earth will crumble: The emperor has no clothes.

Unfortunately, the impact upon humanity is not going to be a pretty site. The fear, anger, and grief that all the endless stuff we have been buying on credit has served to suppress will immediately erupt. Within three days of the banks closing people will stop feeling ‘fine’ and having ‘a nice day’. The authentic emotional condition of humanity will reveal its snarling, unintegrated face. The piper will show up and demand payment.

What happens when millions of pharmaceutically-drugged humans cannot get their fix?
What happens when millions of people sedated through junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes cannot do a quick drive-buy to the local store to suppress their indigestible states of inner discomfort?
What happens when so-called civilized societies reared upon an assumption that, ‘we can have what we want when we want it’, suddenly cannot?
What happens when those who have mistakenly identified themselves with their wealth and possessions lose everything?

We are about to discover that one of the most disturbing side-effects of the planetary ‘he con me’ is that we have traded in emotional development for continual consumption. Instead of emotionally ‘growing up’, we have sought to continually pleasure ourselves through this consumption-mentality. We have used stuff and money to feel good about ourselves – instead of developing the emotional capacities of felt-perception that equip us to feel, and hence experientially perceive the extent and beauty of the vibrational in which we are already and always immersed. When a lifestyle of mindless consumption is no longer a means of escape from ‘what is’ – when the reality of the ‘he con me’ becomes transparent…well, personally I shudder to comprehend what the spoilt entitlement-mentality of instant gratification consciousness is going to turn into.

This IS going to unfold – it is simply a matter of WHEN? Did we honestly think we could go on living in debt forever? Did we honestly think we could consume everything and still have something left over for our children’s children?

We have watched the approach of this predicament for many, many years. Many of us have done our best to warn others without causing added terror. The Hopi warned us. The Australian Aborigine warned us. They have said: “Humans, it is time to grow up.” Many have given out the tools for emotional development required to move us beyond our greed. Many have imparted the insights that develop the capacity of our human experience to open our awareness up into ‘our authentic point of supply’. For the most part these offerings have fallen on deaf ears. They were drowned out by the sound of the opening bell on Wall Street.

Because of our conditioned consumer state of consciousness, many of us entering emotional cleansing work have done so on the assumption that it improves our lot in the world. ‘Our lot’ being ‘our financial status’. It may have had this impact – but fortunately this is not its primary consequence. The wonderful thing is – it doesn’t matter why we initially entered emotional cleansing – because if we keep at it, it invariable lifts the veil and ushers us into increasing authenticity, integrity, and intimacy.

Emotional cleansing prepares us to consciously accomplish the evolutionary step humanity is now becoming vulnerable too. Part of the passageway we move through as we make this transition is littered with our suppressed fear, anger, and grief. One way or another, it has to be consciously integrated. There is no getting around this part of the journey – and we are not meant to ‘get around it’. The only way inward is through it. No one can save us from the authentic condition of our imprinted emotional field. No one is meant to. They can only delay us in having to face it – and from receiving the gifts within it - through encouraging us to place our reliance upon religious, economic, and political structures that promise to take care of it for us.

A large part of the human family is initially going to go completely insane. Large parts of our human family are already as mad as hatters. Our leaders are self-evident bonifide lunatics.

When we cannot get what we want – the feelings we have been suppressing through the attempted satisfying of our wants – surface and erupt. This is automatic. There will be fire and riots in what are now pristine public places. ‘Nice’ people are going enter the lunatic fringe. There will be mass expressions of sheer rage directed at those who have posed as ‘our financial caretakers’ – but who have simply been robbing us. There will be fury directed at the greedy overlords of the ‘he con me’. We will also become angry at ourselves when we awaken to the extent of our own blinded greed and what it has done to our planet – and especially to what it has done to the original caretakers of our planet - our indigenous communities.

This is a time of an awakening into authenticity - into what is really true. The undeniable fact is this: If we all asked for the money we have been told is held in safekeeping for us...we shall immediately real eyes the extent of ‘the lie’. Then our leaders and their money-lender compatriots will be hung, drawn, and quartered. Even their own armies will turn on them. You think the French Revolution was messy? Don’t come between a mass of emotionally suppressed humans and their fix.

The leaders of this economically-manufactured world have always risen into their cherished positions through their narcissistic desire to have our attention lavished upon them. God have mercy upon anyone who now attracts public attention in relation to the inevitable collapse of the planetary ‘he con me’. We live upon a planet in which we as individuals take absolutely no responsibility for the quality of our experience – and where our leaders have fanned the flames of this diffusion of responsibility by convincing us they will do for us what we require – as long as we become economically [and hence emotionally] reliant upon their whims. Well, the masses are about to call our leaders on this ongoing promise – and because the promise has always been a lie – our leaders cannot possibly deliver. The banks cannot deliver. This is why they now enter a frantic tap dance. I sure hope their lavishly-designed and well-stocked underground bunkers are ready – because my feeling is that they may require them sooner than anticipated.

As for those of us who have been taking care of our emotional growth – this too is the moment of our reckoning. This is the precise moment when we are asked to bring all our inner tools to the forefront of our human experience. This is when we have to rise above our personal and collective triggers and witness the unfolding collapse of the ‘he con me’ with the resonance of ‘being without condition’. There is surfacing fear all around us now. We are swimming in the midst of it. There shall be torrents of rage to follow. There shall be terrible displays of grief. Initially, before awakening into the resonance of personal responsibility, the masses shall resort to blame, revenge, and instant deliveries of very harsh punishment. What else do we expect from masses of humans who have not paid any attention to developing their emotional capacities – and who suddenly awaken to the fact they have been duped?

Those of us who have been developing the capacity of felt-perception are now really feeling it. We feel the fear, anger, and grief welling up all around us. Yet, we are to do our best not to react to it. We are to do our best to remind ourselves that ‘this is not personal’ – this is simply a point of planetary transition.

These escalating outer eruptions are a manifestation of the increasing incoming waves of vibrational awareness as it is being projected through the current condition of the collective human emotional field.

Can we stand in amidst these incoming tides without panic? Can we watch the unfolding planetary events with detached compassion? Can we witness the dismantling of our inauthentic outer structures built of our projected fear, anger, and grief, and simultaneously maintain an awareness of that which never changes? The proof of the pudding is whether we now choose response, or reaction.

Are we able to keep our sense of humor?

I aspire to the point of view that we are alive today because we asked for full participation in an experience of planetary transformation, that we birthed into this life experience because of the possibility of participating in this transformation. This may or may not be true. What is however true is we are here, now, right in the midst of it. We are now on the front line of a momentous perceptual shift – or in the midst of a complete resistance to one.

Now is when our capacity to respond really counts. Each individual who is able to remain wide awake within these tidal waves of unconscious eruptions [as opposed to sinking into unconscious reactivity] holds a space of sanity and clarity for the many around them. To be sure no one is going to ask us, let alone pay us, to compassionately stand our ground. No one is going to publicly thank us for ‘being without condition’. Because ‘being without condition’ is an inwardly directed intent, very few will even be able to perceive our energetic stance of ‘not-doing’. However, the fate of the entire planet’s population may very well now rest upon the energetic stability of the conscious few.

Remember, there is no force in the universe greater than ‘being without condition’. Remember also that one of the authentic attributes of what The Christ is – is that it is ‘any crisis awakening Truth within us’. This mounting economic chaos is a shuddering initiated by the presence of The Christ awakening now within humanities collective.

The truth is that the ‘he con me’ is not God. It is merely one of the many expression of the vibrational in form. One way or another we are going to real eyes this.

If we refrain from stories about dreadful outcomes, but also real eyes that planetary emotional processing is never particularly pretty, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Do not even be afraid of ‘the fear’. Yes, bumpy it is and will be. Feel it all. Watch it intimately. There is also really nothing to be angry about. We brought ourselves to this point. We all have participated in the ‘he con me’. Just do not be overly attached to it – or to outcomes.

There is also nothing to mourn – for all that is now being and about to be lost is simply what we have been using to shield our awareness from the Truth of what can never be taken from us.

Did we really think transformation would be a magical, instantaneous change, requiring no effort on our part? We have been sold instant-gratification spirituality for a long time and many of us have naively bought into the mass-produced, drive-through perception of transformation. However, those of us who have spent the past years focusing on emotional cleansing know there is no quick fix – no magic bullet – and no instant enlightenment. On this planet transformation is for the most part a kick-ass experience. But it is so worth it!

This is truly an awesome time to be alive in human form. Enjoy it. Watch with compassionate humor as our so-called planetary gods tap-dance all the way to the edge of the stage – then fall off to finally join us in the audience. Many will attempt to run and hide as we finally come to our senses – or as we finally become completely incensed. Many will not hold onto their physical form because they cannot contain the mounting energies of incoming vibrational waves. Ours is not to try and navigate the outcome of this – or to even understand where it is all headed. We are simply to stand within the parameters of our personal felt-experience of it – to continue to be within our unfolding experience of it without condition – and to trust the consequence of consciously bringing this unconditional vibrational resonance into the heart of the matter.

Wherever we are right now is exactly where we are required to be. Now, we shall really discover whether we have the capacity and compassion to respond to our unfolding human experience. Or, whether our spirituality is simply motivated by appearances and profit margins? Those of us who have been in ‘the business of spirituality’ will topple from our pedestals in fear, anger, and grief. Those of us who have really been doing the emotional work shall rejoice this unfolding moment with a strange feeling of detachment, arising with anticipation each day to witness the ever-increasing flow of authenticity now washing across the planet. These unfolding events, and our response or reaction to them, shall be the judge and jury of the parameters of our integrity.

Soon, the planetary ‘he con me’ may be no more. The possibility of this occurring is also an opportunity and an invitation to rediscover the resonance of our authentic vibrational currency: Appreciation.

Right now, as this planetary adjustment pulls at our attention, it is really recommended we consistently visit and revisit what we truly appreciate. For, once the dust settles, this is all that shall be.

"The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin. Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit."--Sir Josiah Stamp, president of the Rothschild Bank of England and the second richest man in Britain in the 1920s, speaking at the University of Texas in 1927.

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