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February-March 2011 – Update #11 - Introduction

“You are more than your physical body. You are part of a much greater soul being. Your higher being and all of “You” carries the divine spark of true creation.”

15 March 2011

Dear Readers

Rather than wait to finish the entirety of this, I am sending out this initial “letter”. It includes a bit of a summary introduction and various thoughts I wish to share now. Perhaps the most important thing is that everything is on a faster “track” than it was in January and that the “tracks” are being laid as we proceed. I cannot emphasize enough the need to keep your wits and critical discernment while welcoming the higher energies.

Recent solar storms, the Japan “nuclear earthquake” situation, the level of fear, panic, and paralysis has gone up an order of magnitude. Yes, do pay attention to what is important. I can only remind everyone to do their best not to feed into this (and not to feed off of this) and work on developing a type of “calm alertness” as you go about your daily activities. As to “paralysis of inaction”, I can only suggest to proceed as you were. If you are buying land, starting a community, planting a garden, then why not proceed ahead with “calm alertness”. After all, none of us has a calendar of “major events”.

The “main event” is internal to your psyche, your higher self, and your energy bodies.

For the near future, the A-List “Updates” will be erratic at best. This is partly an energetic concern as it is much more important to focus more on the inner work and the larger changes. There are also some urgent practical matters we must attend to now. Therefore, it is important to check the NES Forum from now on. Link to forum: If you scroll down under the main board lists, there is a listing of the most recent 50 or so posts in descending date order. Just click on the subject title of a post in the index to read it. This makes it easy to see the subject headings of new posts. Over recent years, the NES Forum boards accumulated a significant body of information concerning many facets of spiritual evolution and the breakdown of this reality.

The pages of New Earth Summit Forum and Global Awakening News have been an evolving “mystery school” bridging ordinary and non-ordinary. Over time, we have discussed the difference between the split existence in this fallen realm and that of true creation and its state of true oneness that exists without conflicting polarity. It is possible to examine and to test for oneself most that we have presented over the recent years.

We are entering into a new stage of the “correction energies”. It has taken very long from our earth-based point of view for this to arrive at the human level existence. It is why many undertook great risks to be here now with a human form, to help, to participate, to further their spiritual evolutionary learning. For those are connecting with these new energies, there is a growing awareness of new possibilities beyond the ordinary 3d realm.

We have explained most of what we feel has been necessary over the recent years and again encourage people to sit with this material, perhaps beginning with the more recent Updates and going backwards through them and Global Awakening News material. There is more to the writing than simply words and sentences. We have done our best to be direct and clear in what we have so freely shared. Everything is freely available under the “Articles and Bulletins” section at the website.

For those who missed the January Update, simple “intentional meditations” are woven throughout it.

If and when there arises a strong need to send out a new A-List Update, we will do so. This would most likely pertain to new insights into the transition process underway and the “transfer of consciousness”. If we find any new practices that will assist in this process, those will be conveyed as well. Meanwhile, there some brief notes on this included in the “Practices” section of this Update.

The main purpose here has been to elucidate the key principles and underlying dynamics that most influence the human-earth existence and this portion of creation that has fallen under the domination of the dark. Once you grasp this, it is easier to deconstruct the falsehoods and to construct that which will serve the growth of what is aligned with new creation.

Along the way we have tried to describe the nature of what most distracts and misdirects us from connecting with true Source and our true Nature.

It has been one of my varied roles to help remind us all as to the nature of this 3d reality as well as the greater reality we have projected ourselves into. The 3d earthly world is no longer a relatively pristine “frontier” for unconscious and avaricious humans run amuck as they declare their control over greater or lesser portions of the planet.

Changing the nature of social-spiritual relations among and between humans has been exceedingly difficult and now includes dangers that have been created through an avaricious and predatory existence that has little or no resemblance to the original intention for the human vehicle. These difficulties and dangers are both material and non-material.

We are now in a period of increasing earth changes relative to the planet and the space this solar system moves in.

Over the last three years, anyone who has seriously been paying attention to thoughtful and well-informed future projections has also been repositioning their lives to make it easier to decouple from the matrix social disorder.

Those who have ignored early warnings and various indications that have been plainly visible will have difficulty coping. Those still hoping for a systemic “reform” will be in for a shock. Those who have found creative ways to remain asleep and in denial will likely not know what happened, until they pass on from their human lives. Recently, I have tried to explain the main patterns that are operating at the national and global levels of humans, patterns that are leading to new levels of international warfare.

For some, repositioning of their human lives has been mainly a practical concern, for others it has been to support their connectedness to the higher creation energies that are streaming in. In rare instances, some people have addressed both though the development of cooperative conscious communities that also offers mutual support for the larger spiritual changes.

It matters not whether such communities have a long or short duration. What matters most is the quality of intention and attention among one another and their connection to higher source energies.

- /// -

It was not easy to stop and write the end of January letter on the false social “awakening” and to then prepare subsequent postings through February for NES Forums concerning the world situation ( ).

However, this was a response to the manipulations around various recent human events that have been siphoning off nascent spiritual energy and dragging many back into the matrix control system.

There is much to distract you these days, such as false claims of an alleged “social revolution”, a non-existent “economic recovery”, or the imminence of a nuclear weapons exchange. Too may people are getting caught up social issues and conflicts that are too little-too late, irrelevant, or simply counterproductive to the further evolution of humans. For those who still pay attention to various channeled nonsense, there continues to be the endless claims of ET’s rescuing humans from certain doom or that all is “love and light”, and not to worry about anything.

With the most recent earthquake destruction of parts of northeastern Japan and the loss of much of a major city in New Zealand, come renewed concerns over instability of the planet for human habitation. At first this will appear in seismically active areas. With increasing solar and space energies, additional stress will influence many people to be more out of their bodies than usual as they wonder if these might really be signs of “the end”.

It is likely there will be announcements in coming weeks that attribute new levels of economic catastrophe to the Japan earthquake. These economic catastrophes would be occurring regardless. Just thought I’d mention it here for those monitoring such things in their spare time.

- /// -

Whether one responds to all that is in the human plane with a fearful “white knuckle grip” or with naïve “hopeaholism”, the trajectory of our spiritual evolution, ascension, and transformation has nothing in common with the dark forces control system or their counterparts, the human powers-that-be. And it has very little to do with the state of the human civilization. This latter point is very important to bear in mind as you read on.

What remains for most is to attend to their summation of important lessons learned here from their own human experience, that of the human collective now, and that of the sweep of human existence here under the dark forces.

There is some urgency to attending to “completion” of ones human self, including addressing whatever “unfinished business” there is. This can further assure there is nothing of significance to distract or to energetically attract one backwards into the lower levels.

Without a strong sense of your spiritual self, it is easy to get caught up with “end of the world” thinking and emoting, or caught up with the various titillating notions about secret space colonies, ET’s, secret powers, ancient mysteries, or the various shadow powers. This serves little to no useful purpose except to help assure you pass on from your human life mostly as an unaware self, caught in endless “entertainments” of the matrix world. Please stop. Once you are solidly centered and oriented, it is possible to observe what is afoot in the old world and yet not get caught up in it anymore.

There are two “realizations” occurring with many now: One is that the ordinary reality of humans is based upon endless falsehoods and there is no thing from within the dominant human realm that will solve the deep problems that exist. The other “realization” occurring is that the awakening human “you”, potentially is a seed or core element of a much larger spiritual being and perhaps even a seed element to new type of spiritual being. This latter Realization cannot develop without reconnection to the higher oneness of true creation.

Eventually one arrives at the simple understanding that your ordinary human life can end tomorrow or the next year, or the next, and from any number of factors that you cannot control. Some arrive at an understanding of the terms of their human existence and a rare few find it possible to consciously leave when they are truly ready.

What is most important –especially for those who are most spiritually oriented –is to be clear as to what is most important in your human existence. What takes precedence? Your ordinary human existence within the parameters of human society, etc. –or your self as an awakening spiritual being, coming into connection with a greater state of being and consciousness.

Within the context of spiritual evolution, it is possible to maintain something of what is most important to your human existence, but the converse is generally not possible. Hence it becomes a matter of what priorities you chose. For humans who have very little understanding of any of this, or who have turned their spiritual consciousness over to religions, dogmas, and gurus, this may read like a meaningless puzzle. The more you chose spiritual evolution, the more you gain a greater capacity of true free will and greater freedom.

Once one understands the nature of the basic paradigm and the nature of the falsehoods, most of one’s development can proceed without the myriad of classes or workshops. One can and should take charge of oneself and become self-referencing. Be conscious as to why one is doing or thinking whatever it may be. Ask yourself how it is what you are doing or thinking helps serves your spiritual awakening.

- /// -

The main focus and concern here are with those who are moving into a spiritually awakened state. Hence my lack of interest in following all the “high dramas” of human society. They are all manipulated by the dominant powers and there is no need to lose ones energy with any of this. Especially for those who are more spiritually conscious.

This conscious awakening presently involves a fraction of one percent of humans. Potentially this could shift to one to a few percent. These fractions are relative to my perspectives and are potentially changeable. I mention this here only as a reference to relative proportions. Much depends on how well those who are awakening now stay with their awakening process, or whether they become distracted into the various machinations and falsehoods of a dying existence.

To reframe this fraction, if one out of one thousand humans achieves this state of awareness and accumulates higher level of collective learning while embodied, it will be an enormous achievement of immeasurable service to all. And this would be despite all the dark forces have done on earth and at the higher levels to prevent this.

As an extreme, if one out of one million achieves this Realization, then it would still be of immeasurable service, even for those who do not reach this point during the period remaining for their human existence. Perhaps you who are reading this are one of those?

- /// -

There is no amount of extreme contrast, mass death, destruction, etc. that will turn human consciousness. It will only drive it further to raw survival or despairing hopelessness. During the bulk of the 20th century, roughly 10% of the world population died from ongoing wars. During the period of the “great depression” and “dustbowl” roughly 10% of the USA population “disappeared”.

There is no magic number for a “critical mass”. In retrospection, I doubt there ever was such as thing as a “critical mass” no matter how it was defined, or by whom. It was only a noble aspiration that reflected some innate potential.

When some saw the possibilities years ago of those awakening to “take some of the planetary population along”, this too was a noble and high sentiment, but one that was in alignment with some very high level plans.

As one of the earliest to express and shape what “global spiritual awakening” could be, there was also an awareness of a “new earth”, a higher vibrational earth. This is also related to our recent expression of a version of this earth occupying a different orbital position than this present earth does.

For those who are developing this nascent spiritual energy, it is essential to stay focused on awakening to what could be termed a “partially ascended state”.

This opens up avenues for a “transfer of consciousness” to the next levels up.

Those who are shifting into this state are also in a position to do a great service in helping from various levels so that many more can continue their own movement in the same general direction. As this capacity grows, even more can recognize what else there is for their existence, other than the distortion of the ordinary human sphere of awareness still within a dark control realm.

- /// -

There is an “event horizon” coming visible. I do not know its timing of arrival in human calendar terms, but it is “incoming”. It is as if you can see a massive “something” approaching. For those who have moved on ahead, even only a little, the initial effects of this transformative energy can be felt. We wrote of its approach in 2007 in discussing the general process and of ascension and transformation. (See Transformation and Ascension section at This material also describes some of the major features of the process as well as the problems that have occurred in bringing this to the human level of 3-d existence. Under the section on Creation, Cosmology, and the Big Picture, we discussed more of an overview of the situation, especially in the August 2009 material.

- /// -

One question for those who are ready willing and able (or at least developing such capacity) is how they will attend to their human existence now. Not later, but now. Will they continue to be distracted by the false promises of the “matrix world” that seeks to control them, their children, and all humans? Or will they take steps to more fully disengage, find ways to ease their material life, and find ways to support one another’s process.

Knowing of the dark-light distortions, knowing of the higher oneness that is beyond the dark control realm, this is the basis for a major spiritual leap in evolution.

To all those who can muster the capacity, what is most important now is reconnection with the higher light, the higher oneness. This is beyond polarity, it is the realm of no polarity, only that of the higher oneness and infinite diversity.

While we do not need to become embroiled in the light-dark drama, it is essential to at least understand what has occurred in this realm that has held so many soul beings enthralled for so long and prevented human level of consciousness from evolving.

Once one knows the difference and understands what is going on here, there opens new possibilities to transcend all this, while retaining the knowledge and deep learning of what went wrong here at all levels, including human 3d.

Without true realization of the dark force implications, those who opt to leave here prematurely do so not having completed an important element to their higher level being, soul being. This is one reason why so many soul beings are here now –to take advantage of this one major opportunity before it is no more. For vast majority who do not reach such a point of “realization of truth”, there will be ample opportunity to “catch-up” on what they missed once they transition to a new level of being.

This will be the case for the majority that have a human presence here, but there are opportunities available at the “next level up” to “get the picture” and thus still be able to move in evolving as spiritual beings. After all, we have all been working here against the greatest of unfavorable conditions. So this is another way of saying that it is a “no fault” situation if you miss out at your human level. But for those who do, they are substantially closer to entering a whole new level of evolution.

- /// -

Those who are finding themselves in a higher order of awareness will likely be finding new possibilities they could never have imagined previously. These new possibilities may or may not involve maintaining ones physical human embodiment.

The power of clear intent and attending to said intent is of preeminent importance now. There are no magic formulas, mantras, rituals, or whatever that can substitute for the power of clear intent when it is focused upon evolving into highest order of consciousness and existence possible in any given context. This is an “as above” counterpart to the “as below” version that guides one to achieve the highest level of commonality possible in any given context with others.

Intend for your connection to higher self, higher oneness and the light of true creation. Call to your awakening self that which is of your true light. Require that the higher creation energies or correction energies filter and clear you of any and all influences from the dark. Your higher self is reaching “down” to help awakening human self, your awakening human self is reaching “up” and an energetic “handhold” takes place. Call your true light to you. There is nothing of the dark that you need or you ever asked for.

Let us distill and retain for our selves and soul beings what has been learned here in this realm. It is of immense value in helping to guide the next attempt by creation expressing itself through a human form upon a new earth within a renewed and changed creation. This is transcendence. This is part of ascension.



Reminder: Please check the NES Forums for updates and new posts.

Articles will soon be added to the main PFCN “Articles and Bulletins” section that are excerpted from various NES Forum postings.

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Holy wall of text, can we get a summary please?

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Your faith will make you whole

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