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...look up "Dennis Lee"...

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The word "free" in "free energy" is what bothers me.. it's not "free" , it is an "Accumulation" of an external source, focused into a specific region.. Technically a generator is a "free energy" source by the same token..

"Entropy" sources (self generated, and self propagating energy productions which goes beyond matter/energies natural production abilities, within a single built device of some kind) do not exist..

Not to say they could not (with enough effort in understanding the basic building blocks of what we call energy/matter which of course we do not), but all of them currently are "externally sourced"-- "Sources" of energy collections..

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....i thought "free" just means I don't get an electric bill.....

:shock: :bang;

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pindz wrote:[googlevideo]5782814493845772323&hl[/googlevideo]

I think his concept is ~potentially~ valid...however...I think there is something wrong with his design and he found that out a long time ago.

Right now you only have to write the man a check for $2,000.00 ~and~ sign up like 10 other friends or family members who have to pay the $2,000.00. You don't get a generator "yet"...but you get a nifty certificate! He has been doing this scam since 1993 and has a wrap sheet a mile long. Evidently he has gone to jail several times...and not for DWI or other things...but for tax well as different forms of business fraud violations.

One poor guy dumped his life savings into this program...sold his IRA...and finally gave up... and documented it on the above link.

But wait...there is more! He has a PICC modification for your car too! The PICC modification will give you 180MPG for ~any~ car you apply the modification to!

Upload to

"Can I hear an Amen?!?"

He talks about his products here...tells you that you can "Sign up for free"...but then says...for only $10 or buy one of my products online...and you can then sign up for "free"... he uses the word scam...con artist...illegal...and even uses terms like "well that is impossible"...and then talks you "out of thinking that way".

It is a scam...well...~he~ is a scam artist...he has been producing "magical" devices for quite sometime now...that never...ever...ever...ever...worked...from gas to electric...he has the solution...when people catch on...he moves on to the next "big thing"...leaving a wake of people short of their $$ and never delivering on his promises.

Why do I know this? Well...look at his historical product line... and history...

I think the concept of using existing magnets is interesting... there is this interesting theory behind "permanent" magnets... they evidently lose their magnetic field when in close proximity to other magnets of equal or greater strength...over time.

So...let's say he gets this "motor" running...but then a year or stops working properly...and the magnets...are no longer...magnetized...because they are constantly passing by other magnets of equal strength... thus...due to the property called coercivity...

The "permanent" part of the magnet...becomes...not so "permanent"...and as such that "magical energy" they talk about that "nobody understands"...well...most common folk don't...which is who they target...people who don't understand how magnetism works.

It is a scam...sorry Pindz...hate to always be bumping into you in the 'virtual' corridor...but it is a scam...when I first looked into this whole concept awhile back I got excited too...until I did a bit more research...and realized it was just some jerk taking advantage of people.

Bummer...but that is why the internet is good and bad...good as in you can see what other people think about an idea before dumping your life savings into it...bad because some people don't research and jump into the pool without checking the water level.


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PostFri Dec 31, 2010 7:57 am » by Cia212

It's too bad permanent magnets aren't permanent. Dennis's system falls apart on that alone.

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