Infamous NYPD Says: Anyone Claiming to be a Navy SEAL a Rav

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Infamous NYPD Says: Anyone Claiming to be a Navy SEAL a Raving Lunatic... w/video

Navy Seal Sean Day was carrying a pistol in New York City. SEALS can do this as “first tier” counter-terrorism forces. Their authority is far beyond that of local police, even NYPD, America’s most corrupt law enforcement agency.

As usual, NYPD tells of Day, trained to withstand torture and live in the most hostile environs, as being “babling and incoherent,” but the truth is simple, they arrested a SEAL, under constant personal threat everywhere in the world, and put him in a psychiatric hospital because they didn’t believe him.

rest of article here: ... oonie-bin/
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PostSun Feb 03, 2013 7:07 pm » by Marcydare

They FEAR these Men, Because they are REAL Men,
and Know they WILL join the Resistance and
hunt them down and kill them like the dogs they are.
N.Y.P.D. = Scum of the Earth.

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