Informational Guests and etiquette

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PostMon May 30, 2011 1:50 am » by Bluesman4uonly

I placed the following comment on the forum about mediasorcoria being banned but I think that it applies pretty much in all "special guest". If someone is presenting the guest, give his credits and as much history as you can:

One of the things I see that happened with the thread was the opening statement made by Jim. If he would have put out an outline of questions he wanted to discuss, instead of the opening statement he made, I think things would have progressed without him getting mad. I was enjoying the discussions and the questions until he made certain references indicating that most on here could still live in our on stupidity, or something to the effect.

Now this is Disclose TV and the members(at least most of them) are not idots. They are searching for truth in all things. They are also not the kind of people to believe the sky is falling just because chicken little says so.

I don't understand what got to you Jim. Telsa was a great man and had information to share but when he was questioned or disagreed with, he didn't take up his slide rules and go home. It sounded like you had very important info to share but could have handled it a little better yourself. This is not talk radio. Here we use leverage thinking, that is, we take the information given to us. We process it, then go do more research and then, if we have enough information to make a decision, we store it as "truth known as of today". We're tired of science teaching us one thing and then finding out later that it was all wrong. Sure we want some proof, wouldn't you?

You know what, I've been ridiculed several times on here but I know I'm not the "all knowing" so I'm willing to keep learning and testing my own theories until I know in my own mind that it's the best answer based on the knowledge I can aquire.

Peace Jim and I hope you'll come back, not as a guest but as a member of DTV and let us test your theories and you can test ours.
Peace to all truth seekers!


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