Infrared to Ultraviolet regions

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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 7:46 pm » by Healingmindn

As you might know, some of the best UFO pictures first taken were by Trevor James Constable via infrared photography. As you might also know, the CCDs in today's digital cameras are especially sensitive to the full spectrum of light, not only down to infrared, but up through ultraviolet as well.

You probably also know that "ghosthunters" utilise IR/thermography scans to see "spiritual images."

The problem with this is that mainstream manufacturers are making less and less of these cameras; they insist on placing those hot mirror filters on front of those CCDs "to increase the clarity of the visible spectrum." In fact, a digital camera equipped with a full spectrum filter has a crisper, sharper image than any of its film predecessors.

There are actually expert retrofitters out there who replace the hot mirror with IR-visible-UV filters. We should all consider getting our cameras retrofitted for the full spectrum, so we can all make amazing contributions in esoteric science and paranormal phenomena.

From what I've observed, retrofitting has a premium price, but it's completely worth it considering the results.

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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 8:40 pm » by Harlekin

I just uploaded two videos, so that we better understand what the OP is talking about:

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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 10:12 pm » by Healingmindn

Hi Harlekin,

Thanks for the videos. It would have been nice if the interviewer had TJC speculate further about the cosmic "critters." From what I read in the Cosmic Pulse of Life, they are denizens of this planet.

In fact, when I think about it, they remind me a lot of sea creatures. There's one that even looked like a sea turtle. There are others that definitely remind me of cuttlefish with the inherent ability to change size, shape, and colour - just like a UFO.

If we assume that the flying "critters" captured by TJC are just another form of "sea creature," then it's possible that the same principle of IR photography also applies to creatures in the water. I've seen UV photos of undersea life, and it looks very much a different world than presented by conventional photography. There are probably just as many invisible undersea creatures as there are "oversea" creatures.

Thanks again,


BTW: The pictures of those Croft Cloudbusters look fresh and new. Who do they belong to?

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Same here mate. On the night of Oct 30th 2007 my friend and i were driving through a small village of Wellington ,Hereford, UK on the way back from a place called Leominster. As we drove down the lane towards a small crossroads we saw a massive black triangle in front of us floating/gliding slowly sideways about 15 metres off the ground silently from a farm yard. It had a white, green and red light at each tip of the triangle. We tried to chase it in the car but it went over the trees. I saw it and so did my dick head mate. It was spooky and i shit myself. It was no stealth bomber (F117) or Flare thats for sure. We saw little blue/white lights after in a field. My mate tried to follow the lights but he couldnt find nothing. I rang the police but they were a waste of time as usual. It was so amazing that when i think about it now i still get spooked. I wonder what it was? They have been seen all over the world apparantly and i was wondering if anyone else has seen the same or similar sort of thing? Thats what i like about forums on this site. It was to thin to seat humans if you know what i mean. But it was definately under intelligent control. Im obsessed about it now and cant stop researching before and since. Im happy and lucky ive seen it though.

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