Inside part of the Afterlife

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Well I've posted a topic before about some things but since then I've made more sense out of the things that I remember.
I remember parts of the afterlife, while I was making plans for this life.

I was born in 89 to give a time-frame. Why am I alive? Because I have a knack for remembering things, and they wanted me to tell people. Why don't they tell people themselves? I don't entirely remember that right now.

But there were a great great number of beings that want to be incarnated on Earth, probably more so over the years since I remember being there, but I had to make a case to come back. The beings that came straight from living a life here on Earth were given first choice to come back. The ones who didn't think that they would be able to handle their life challenges and help make the world a better place stepped aside to let in the ones who could. Thats been going on.

There is a net or like an aura for the Earth that beings have to go through to get here before they enter their bodies. Its a natural thing. It makes people forget because its so dense and it may also keep part of the peoples consciousness at bay. But as far as I remember this isn't a prison. I don't remember to much of the why we are doing this but right now I know it has to do with making this world a better place.

Lots of beings have sympathy for humans, because we have good intentions but then forget through the net and then a second time when we are babies that we slowly forget everything and have to learn anew with all the egotism, contempt, and lack of tolerance that is in the world. So first off if any being talks to about humans in a hateful and chastising demeanor then don't listen to them, because there are beings that don't have the best intentions for us.

There was something about a shift but I don't entirely remember what is was.
I remember that we choose challenges and things. We choose our looks, height sometimes, character traits in a way.... think of it like you are sent energies and you make a filter that lets some of those energies in.

I was told not to spend to much sexual energy on lust and things, to control myself because that energy is important for other things if you channel it in a way. There are beings that incarnate here mainly just for sex.... which would explain some people. My lives here only go back 500 or so years, each time the reason I came here was to remember AND talk about it, in my past lives all I did was remember and was to scared to say anything.

And a little bit about the challenges we go through, I only remember what was close to me in this life but it might help you to understand the logic behind them. See in this life I've grown up without a mother only to have a phone call when I was 15 that she died, I've been molested in a foster home, I've seen my alcoholic dad gasp for breath after he was brought back to life while he was in the hospital because he tried to kill himself when I was 14. I've lived with my grandparents for most of my life which happens to consist of another alcoholic and a prescription drug addict, although their good people. I was made fun of and laughed at most of my life, to ashamed to go to school because I looked like such a dork. Oh and I happened to have busted a testicle when I was in pre-school (yea kinda one of the most painful physical experiences to deal with)

So hopefully when I tell you not to be sorry for me and to have hope that your more than you think, hopefully you believe it and not feel a victim.. although I know there are people that have lived far far far worse of a life than I have.

So why all this happened to me? We'll from the afterlife this is what I remember.
My mother knew how much she was going to get done in this life, and it wasn't a whole lot so she knew she wouldn't be able to give me and my siblings very much. So she chose something else. That her death would give us a pain to overcome that would do us more good than any object or money she could have given us. I still don't know if it was the best choice... but choices are made regardless. I thought that having my dad die would have given me more pain to grow from too but they told me that he has things to do for himself in this life but they could have him go through a near death experience. The testicle thing happened (hopefully noone finds that funny) because I wanted to show a man in the afterlife how sorry I was. In my previous life I slept with his wife when I was I think 19. Things in the afterlife are not hidden, nothing is kept from anyone so be mindful of the things you do.

People usually choose to go through a hardship just to make up for a past deed, instead of this inescapable karmic law, its guilt.

A friend of mine only 3 years younger wanted to deal with the huge amount of anger that he held life after life. So in this life he got caught with a pill at his school, then got 2 years of court trouble, got sent off twice for 45 days. The reason why? What better way to deal with his anger then to run across something he couldn't just yell, kick, punch or fix with anger. He had to find another way, maybe a way within to let go. He is a lot less angry these days.

Some of us choose the wives or husbands we will have. Some like to leave it open as to not impede on someone else's growth or life in a way. The beings or spirits told me that when I would try to get a job that they would get in my way by helping to change the minds of the ones who could give me a job. I asked for more time so I could remember more and hopefully do more good for others. In so doing the girl I was supposed to meet showed me who she would be with during the time and if we spent to long apart she would fall for him instead. I'm pretty sure thats happened already.

Why did I look like such a dork? Because apparently things do exist in a balance. Now I have clear skin and quite a few people tell me I don't look that bad, but thats because I went through all that trouble just to get to this. Kinda like the ugly duckling, I'm sure a lot of people have seen that in their lives and wondered how? because they sacrificed part of their teenage years to be kinda an outcast to get to that.

I have been told dates, back in December 2008 I was given some dates that are very close to Calleman's dates. The next one is October 30, 2011 ,not the 28th. And no 2012 dates, but a March 2013 date. Which I have come to the conclusion that George Kavassilas is correct on a lot of things. Some kind of portals were mentioned.

If you bothered to read this the whole way through at one time then kudos lol
I didnt want to make one so long and I hope it was worth it.

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Cool story spinevane :flop: Interesting thoughts you share. There is always something to learn from what someone has to say and that's part of evolving. I never knew who George Kavassilas was till you mentioned it. It seems that there are lot of views on the the Myan time table. I like the way he tells it. :sunny:


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