Inside the Hollow Earth - Coast to Coast AM 12-23-2004

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Author Rodney Cluff shared his beliefs that the Hollow Earth Theory is real. He suggested that through openings in both the North and South polar regions, one can enter into a vast inner continent that is lit by an internal sun.
From witness testimonies such as that of Olaf Jansen, a 19th century Norwegian, Cluff presented a variety of data about the inner earth world. Vegetation is very lush there, he said-- apples grow can grow as large as a person's head, and grapes are the size of oranges. The inhabitants are also quite large, from 7 to 15 ft. tall and can live up to 800 years old, Cluff detailed. Rather than aliens, he believes they are descendants from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Through their technology they have built "flying saucers" manned by androids, he noted.
Cluff has teamed up with Steve Currey's expedition company and is planning a 24-day trip aboard a Russian Nuclear IceBreaker that hopes to enter the North polar opening and proceed into the inner earth world. The proposed voyage is planned for June 2006. More info is at


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one of my favorite episodes of coast to coast. ima listen to this tomorrow!
The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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Do all mormons believe the earth is hollow? or is this just coming from you, and you just happen to be a mormon?

...I don't think there's any more mormons who believe in the hollow earth theory than other regular people in the world...

Oh, ok, so it's not a practicing part of the faith....

lol...what kind of question is that...?

Interesting listen, if the host wasn't being such a dick to him.
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