Iran conducts successful nuclear plant test

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sw33tlou wrote:
alexrubic wrote:Agree with towelie. Both the US (under CinC Barak 'barking mad' Obama) and Israel with their nuclear arsenals worry me much more than the Iranians - who I think get a bad press from the other two aforementioned nuclear superpowers!

Well if you think Obama is barking mad you should get a load of Iran's President. He is frickin nuts. The man ran on a campaign promising that during his term of office he will wipe Israel off the map. Alot of Muslim politicians say this, but this guy has a track record of saying wildly crazy things.

As I said...a lot of 'bad press' via Israeli/American news services! I don't think he has actually said that 'Israel should be wiped off the map' in the sense of nuking them! Having said that - and having witnessed the Israeli massacres in Gaza - I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea to eradicate Israel!
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