... Iran's navy offers to escort Gaza ships ...

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argh yea off course that's the solution. Thanx Iran for this nice idea...

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aladin wrote:ha ha ha ha ha


Israeli Nuclear Missile Boats Off Iranian Coast

June 1, 2010: Israel is stationing three of its five Dolphin class submarines in the Red Sea, and will keep one of them operating off the Iranian coast at all times. These subs will be armed with cruise missiles (equipped with nuclear warheads).



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HAHAHAHAHAHA , funny days

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' Iranian ships won't reach Gaza'
Israel said on Monday it would not let Iranian ships sail to Gaza after the Iranian Red Crescent announced it would send two vessels to the region in the coming week.

“If we didn’t let an Irish ship reach Gaza, we are certainly not going to let Iranian ships pass,” one diplomatic official said.

The official added that it was not yet clear how serious the Iranian threat was, and that there was often “a lot of bluster” coming out of Teheran.

“The Iranian regime has called for Israel to be wiped off the map and has a proven track record of supplying dangerous weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah,” the official said. “Obviously, any shipment from Iran to Gaza would be a major concern.”

Abdolrauf Adibzadeh, the Iranian Red Crescent director for international affairs, told a French news agency: “One ship will carry donations made by the people and the other will carry relief workers.

The ships will be sent to Gaza by end of this week.” The decision to send aid ships came a day after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei suggested that the Revolutionary Guards could be sent to protect ships trying to break the Gaza blockade.

"We cannot take a chance that there is weaponry on the ships."

Diplomatic officials in Jerusalem said such a move would pose a challenge not only to Israel, but also to Egypt, which could not be pleased at the prospect of the Revolutionary Guard sailing through the Suez Canal.

Defense officials said Israel would not allow the ships to reach Gaza.

“Iran is Hamas’s main supplier of weaponry,” one official said. “We cannot take a chance that there is weaponry on the ships.” This would not be the first time Iran sent ships to test Israel’s blockade of Gaza. In January 2009, during Operation Cast Lead, an Iranian ship was dispatched with what was claimed to be humanitarian cargo. While Israeli soldiers never boarded the vessel, the navy preventing it from reaching its destination by blocking sailing lanes into Gaza Port.


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aladin wrote:
sockpuppet wrote:http://www.disclose.tv/forum/post255653.html#p255653 :rtft:

????? ... why this Link ?

... but thank you -

... we had the issue on many occasions:

There are useful topics related to content and there are
meaningless Topics or unrelated to the content - because the forum search has no chance : Clinton says she expects Iran to 'pull some stunt' ...

... no connection to "... Iran's navy offers to escort Gaza ships " ...

Stunt=sending Revolutionary Guardsmen on a "humanitarian mission" to Gaza...
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