Iran Says "Tall, White" Space Aliens Control America

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PostTue Jan 21, 2014 3:44 pm » by Rich316

Diverdude70 wrote:
Rich316 wrote:
Diverdude70 wrote:Boy o boy these are exciting times.
Paul Hellyer showed remarkable bravery in speaking publicly about the Alien question. We need alot more like him.

This is him [ The Right Honourable Paul Hellyer, finally someone deserving that title] speaking at a U.S. congressional sub-commity on Alien disclosure.

Seriously. He's a retired guy who happened to find a hobby on UFO's - for a total of 8 years he's been reading books and taking an interest in the topic.. Big effing whoop.. I've been reading books and taking an interest in the topic for 30 years. Just because he was in Politics, does NOT make him credible. In fact, probably less credible than most. Honourable my ass, gullible yes.

Yup, he's a retired guy with a great hobby. We should feel fortunate that a respected MP has come forward in such a way. Clearly he can gather an audience, and his words do carry weight.

No they do not. Just because he was a politician does not make him credible, period.
You want to believe, people want this so badly and will let their minds be clouded with things they want to hear to bolster their stance and beliefs.

I couldn't care less who he was, he's a nobody to me, just some old bloke who read some books, now he's some expert? gimme a break.


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