Is Cold Fusion Finally Being Accepted by Scientists?

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PostTue Aug 14, 2012 10:19 am » by One-23

Is Cold Fusion Finally Being Accepted by Scientists?

Posted by Alexander Higgins - August 12, 2012 at 10:11 pm


Longstanding political pressures has stopped LENR cold fusion technology from even being researched, but now CNBC reports that may be changing.

In the world of conspiracy on conspiracy that everyone knows is true is the decades of political pressure exerted to shun research into LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) technology – known as cold fusion.

Even recently I reported on an MIT scientist who has had an LENR device running for months, outputting 14 times the input energy, only to have his project’s funding cut after making his research public.

MIT Device Outputs 14 Times Input Power, Faces Funding Cut
An MIT professor is being threatened with funding cuts for his LENR device that has been outputting excess heat 14 times the input power since January.

An MIT Professor has released a three-part video series about a device that has been running since January which generates 14 times greater energy, in the form of excess heat, than the input electrical input energy.

While the technology has tremendous potential to revolutionize the energy industry the video series goes on to reveal in part 3 that another prominent MIT physicist is pushing to get his research funding cut.

The Atom Unexplored

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Now CNBC is running an article claiming the technology is may now be gaining traction as a legitimate technology to research:

Is Cold Fusion Finally Being Accepted by Scientists?

The promise of discovering a clean, green, safe, and (due to the fact that it is fueled by the most abundant metal and gas on the planet, nickel and hydrogen) cheap renewable energy source is causing many investors and scientists to overcome their previous reluctance and enter the field.
However, Pons and Fleishman could not consistently reproduce their results, and this led to the rejection of cold fusion, the discrediting of the two scientists by the general scientific community.

Cold fusion became a complete dead end. Two different Department of Energy panels dismissed cold fusion theories and recommended against creating a program to study it. No one would risk putting major funding into any research projects, and no reputable scientists were willing to risk their reputations by pursuing a science that many considered equal to alchemy.

Source and further reading ... ts-166521/

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PostMon Oct 22, 2012 10:19 pm » by Opalserpent

Independant researchers are making good progress with cold fusion perfecting their experiments which are not government funded or hindered by red tape in their country.

When reading the above cageone article it is worrying that fellow scientists at the MIT are trying to have his funding cut, no doubt they are scared that they will lose alot of their own funding for their work. Money talks. ... SA_Blushes

News:121021:Defkalion Posts Independent Data Showing 3x Overunity; NASA Blushes

This is the Defkalion lab setup that I saw in February but was not allowed to photograph.

Another view of the lab.


The guy with the NASA T-Shirt demonstrating the calorimetry set-up (video below) is from Defkalion. NASA was not officially involved in this test.
Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
October 22, 2012

Last March, about a week or two after my visit, Defkalion had several independent groups come to test their Hydrogen-Nickel nuclear heat apparatus. For months, they've teased us that their data would be released "soon".
Finally, a few days ago (October 18), they published one such report, which has a high degree of credibility, both in its method of delivery, as well as in the identity of the party taking the data and preparing the report. Thanks to David of

Below from article:

Excuse my NASA Rant
While the name of the author is visibly blacked out, merely copying and pasting the text reveals it to be Michael A. Nelson, who happens to be an employee of NASA, for some thirty years.
However, he made it very clear that this work was not done on behalf of NASA, but that he was doing it independent from them -- actually for the Free Energy Foundation [presently offline?] in the Netherlands, who paid for his trip and expenses.
I can't help but think that NASA is probably at least peeking with curiosity, but obviously they have a reputation to keep, and can't get into the fray until conditions are right. Perhaps Mike is to NASA what Ron Paul is to Congress. While he is seen as rogue, he is shaping the national discussion nonetheless, both with the rises of the Tea Party and even in the presidential race earlier on.

Their warming up to cold fusion (actually, it probably isn't even fusion but transmutation, which is also nuclear, but much safer), could help redeem them. When the lay public finally wakes up to the extent to which NASA has done the opposite of their mission -- covering-up rather than pushing frontiers for mankind -- they're going to be royally pissed. Supporting the emergence of Cold Fusion could help fix some of the Karma they have coming their way, and may even help keep them around, whereas, without such a turnabout, it will be: "Get rid of them", along with all the other mainstream corruption that is on its way out to the trash heap of the history of huge mistakes.

If NASA doesn't get aboard the LENR bandwagon soon, it won't take long for the alternative science community of the world to make them obsolete and no more needed than a used piece of toilet paper. The longer they wait, the harder it will be for them to stay relevant in this day of division as an awakened population forges ahead in this revolutionary metamorphosis to launch an enlightened world. If they don't transform, and show a changed heart, they will be left behind.

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PostTue Oct 23, 2012 2:16 am » by Cia212

If it works the MIT Professor should WANT his funding cut. It means he can market it privately.

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