Is god an atheist? discusssion

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PostThu Jan 05, 2012 7:23 pm » by SamueltheLion

lol trust the "fan"attics, more like lunar-ticks, i mean, those stuck in their lunar (mind) attic to attack and flood this thread with bi-bull bye-bull babble babel bullshit :P

malkere wrote:the initial response is, that makes no sense.
but to think about it for a minute... in a way... I could see how you could say yes...

after all, our God may only be the God of this galaxy. Maybe he's buddies with dozens of other Gods and they all go out for drinks on Sundays. Maybe he's just the designated protector of this Galaxy. Maybe he's the scientist controlling this experiment for his thesis. ??

For me anyway, accepting the fact that God exists (and I won't go into the specifics, is he all loving, is he all doing, is he all knowing, etc) and continuing to wonder beyond that I eventually came to understand that there is actually more than God. God is not the end, nor the highest. Definitely, with the Human mind comprehending God's awesomeness is not possible, so trying to imagine greater is ever less probable, but I believe there is even more, in fact no end, no top.

So... in a way... considering that this reality and all above and below, simply exist for their various reasons, and people and Gods and everything above and below simply do what the do because it is what they are... Perhaps God understands, there is no top, no end goal, no big dog in the sky that has and end say in everything. Maybe the most powerful magician in this universe, but maybe not compared to upstairs?

Perhaps God wonders if there really is anything greater than him or not.

ps: is my avatar broken...? was working fine until now?... I'll look again tomorrow...

my initial response was just like yours: it doesn't make sense!
it's like asking a calculator a question and getting a syntax error in return. "you broke me" says the brain, in a little whimper :P

and then, just as you said. it does begin to make sense: if god is a "being" then the question of him or her being an atheist makes sense: if you turn it on its head, does it mean, does he believe in himself, or not? or does he believe in anything outside of himself? Is there anything outside of him/her/ it?

in my little opinion, the whole dilemma with "god" comes from theologians and philosopher's crossing over the principles of creation, with that of "divinities", there is something divine about existence, but when you realize, even the divine was created, and creativity is a principle of creation, not a quality one can either posess or not, the whole dillemma resolves itself.

as dlslith asked:
Whose God would you be referring to exactly?

the old mysterious one who parts clouds and all that, with a bear and a lightning bolt.

if jupiter aka jehova aka zeus is the "god", of this universe, what about suns and planets which are bigger than jupiter, for instance alcyone.

and if jesus is zeus aka jehova's son, why the whole issue with the trinity?

maybe jesus, as he presented to some, is a scarecrow. he does use the same pose in the depictions made of him by his followers.



to me... it is the enlightened, christ, willing to sacrifice himself, but fighting for life and defending himself.

experiencing god is about: death and resurrection unto perfection... as stated in the "just another book" thread in the reply to harry potterism.

someone said: if horses could speak they would talk of horse gods.
same with dolphins? i like the approach they have in india
~the yogi regards all beings as deities and is thus liberated~

to me, it (the trinity, the singularity) all seems to be alchemical / geometric allegory, disguising a deeper truth of existence, which some may content themselves to know the exoteric truth of, and others truly have to feel and experience for themselves.



Your faith will make you whole


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