Is "GOD" just another Equation?

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PostWed Jul 18, 2012 3:10 pm » by SamueltheLion

the dynamic equation


tesseract + tetractys.

the simple equations of the ways in which our perceptions our limited at the moment, and how they can expand.

the tetracts is 1 (god) + 2 (duality/man woman/+-) + 3 (trinity/matter/bodymindsoul) + 4 (4 elements/ 4 times of year/ 4 spokes of the swastika wheel/4 phases of life, churned by aether) = 10.
we are divided into phives, manifest as 5 senses, with a hidden 6th: pineal gland/inner balance.

so add and perfect the 5 you have, to unlock the 6th :D

an easy inner eye meditation you can do: close your eyes and shift the poses of your body: now, PERCEIVE your body.



an interesting read.

i would suggest the duality of esoteric exoteric, i.e science vs. religion, i.e facts vs. fiction, can be resolved by spirituality; aether; trust & belief in god (within and without)

mysticism is a scientific AND spiritual path, it uses BOTH sides of the mInd.
Your faith will make you whole

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PostThu Jul 19, 2012 2:17 pm » by SamueltheLion

god, i like those acronyms: guides of destiny, guardians of divinity?
what is god to me? god is a truth, a veracity of feeling when i penetrate into the heart of the world and am immersed in the moment.

1 / 27 = 0.0370370370370370370370370370370...

1/37 = 0.027027027027027027027...

we can go on and on with these equations, but what is it that even makes us INTERESTED in equat i ons?

what does this tell us ?

only when the inner and the outer align does the world become truly alive to us.

What does fit into equations are the manifestations in this world, the structure of this world, we're approaching this point in science, could be 'there' already if science didn't ban the idea of 'aether' some hundred years ago, didn't 'simplify' Maxwell's laws.
Now they will need infinite amounts of energy to get 'little', the other way around only a weak attractor is needed to get infinite energy, create matter.

Read more: is-god-just-another-equation-t75060-10.html#ixzz214dz3LwO

so the point is: the universe will not give us aether if we try to take it? we have to get in tune with it?

i remember pythagoras idea about this being a dual plane, also in many occult-laden bits of fict-i-on, is mentioned the concept of the DOPPELGANGER, you can pull your dual self out of the alternate world and become whole in both at once.

this fits in with geometry and the 5th element because every shape has a dual which you can create by connecting the dots inwardly.

there is only one shape whos dual is its own self, fire i believe.

what is the origin of symmetry and asymmetry?

as for only needing a weak force for infinite energy, interesting you say this, the 4 fundamental forces of energy... there is only one called weak. but i take it this isnt the one you mean.
rather the 5th as indicated, well...

shaolin monks say gentle strength overcomes all, i guess this is what you mean?
sorry there's so much chatter in my mind, trying to focus.

re: we will never know, yes, but we may experience.

when we embrace Being and Knowing, we can Feel it. ... -the-Adept

these are just variations of experience MAMA and PA/DA.

Pattern and MAttern.
Your faith will make you whole


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