Is it a guardian angel or some other kind of powerful force?

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PostTue Jun 09, 2009 12:19 am » by Lisakitty

I would like to share something with you that has been lingering in the back of my mind, like a bad fart lingers in a room with no windows, Ever since it happened to me back in the late 90's.
I was driving home from work, during the winter time, when I drove over a snow drift, which was hiding icy patches underneath it, when all of a sudden my jeep cherokee started to slip and slide, weaving in and out of both lanes.
Well, you can imagine how distraught I became with all this happening fairly quickly, although it seemed a lot slower to me than it actually was, I started repeating the words OMG ... OMG, over and over again, until all of a sudden the steering wheel turned sharply to the right and my jeep nearly missing a telephone pole on its left side, stopped just short of going into a deep ditch, without me controlling the steering wheel, or stepping on the brake (for real).
To top this harrowing true story off, just seconds after my jeep stopped short of the deep ditch, another car appeared in the opposite lane of the road, where I had just been weaving in and out of uncontrollably. I know in my heart that if the steering wheel wouldn't have turned sharply to the right, I would have most likely hit that other car head on.
My question is, "If it wasn't a guardian angel that saved me, or the other driver, from a possible deadly accident, then was it some other powerful force that keeps us from imminent disaster, because we still haven't done, what we are suppose to do, while we are here on earth?"
I think that my mind is still perplexed by that incident, because there was definitely something else controlling my destiny, at that time, for reasons that I am not quite sure of. I am not very religious, but when things like that happen to a person, it seems to get people thinking about guardian angels, and they are thought to be living in heaven (angels from heaven). Hmmmm, now one can see, why I might have a hard time, with most religious beliefs LOL

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PostTue Jun 09, 2009 12:30 am » by Ph0enix

i personally believe you were protected and have been so myself. you have a destiny that has not been met yet. that accident and everything else in your life is only meant to prepare you for the moment or moments that are planned to be under your guide. you will only meet your death at the destinted time or apon taking your own life. nothing else can or will happen...

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PostSun Jul 19, 2009 12:55 am » by Lisakitty

Yes, I do believe that I am here for a certain purpose, which hasn't been full filled yet. I do know that I am on the side of the good people. I think that I am one of the sheep herders, waking up one sheep at a time, and herding them toward righteousness, with my guardian angel watching over me.

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PostSun Jul 19, 2009 1:04 am » by Brothers

Yes. I believe it as it has happened to me as well on several times. Yes indeed.

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PostSun Jul 19, 2009 8:21 am » by Molly821

I had something very similar happen to me as well. My son was just about 5 days old. I drove into town about 8 miles to go to the store. While in the store we got a terrible storm of ice and freezing rain, I had to drive home very slow about 20 miles per hour. I came to a very large hill with about a 45 degree angle, I panicked and put my foot on the clutch the car took off, I was flying. I kept both hands on the steering wheel and going through turns with no control of the car, the whole time I was pleading to God, saying Dear Lord, Jesus, Oh God, and thinking of my new baby in the back seat. I slide all the way down that hill and went around two bends in the road with no control and at the end my car stopped at the stop sign. Straight ahead was a forest and a big ditch.
When I got out of the car and slide on the ice all the way to the house, my husband carried in our son and placed him on the couch, I got him out and I held him and cried like a baby. I know to this day, I know it was by the Grace of God that we were saved.

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PostSat Aug 08, 2009 6:58 am » by Chickamaka

[quote="ph0enix"]i personally believe you were protected and have been so myself.

Thought I would chime in with total agreement with phOenix here. Follow you first instinct to reconsider your spiritual beliefs. -Peace-
Our people are not gone they are merely lost, they cannot find their path forward because they do not know where they have come from.

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