Is Mankind Fit To Evolve?

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 12:35 am » by Toxic32

We are the only mammals to have no predators other than our selves. I thought the blue whale would be in our category but alas it's not. The blue whale is prayed upon by the killer whale. So that leaves just us. But nature will not be robed of balance. As we have no natural predators to control our own population. How can we be selective to evolve. In nature it's the survival of the fittest that's the rule and all other mammals comply with. We have removed ourselves from this rule because we can, in favour of survival of our culture and the human race, along with promoting the survival of genes that are not adding anything to the greater good and advancement of the human race in the long run. In fact we are promoting and supporting recessive behaviours that will lead to a brake down of our cultures. How would you select who is fit to survive and pass on their genes to the next generation to ensure the overall fitness of mankind.
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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 1:14 am » by Opalserpent

If we evolve too much will we cease to enjoy life? Not that I believe in evolution as such.

I don't want to be a borg.

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 1:20 am » by Otomon

No, they are fit for being destroyed and make way for the hybrids.

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 1:26 am » by Opalserpent

Otomon wrote:No, they are fit for being destroyed and make way for the hybrids.

Probably, whatever is going on in those underground bases would be too scary to believe.


Lets hope it's a clone race of hot chicks.

Live by the Terror, Die by the Terror.

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 1:34 am » by Otomon

Opalserpent wrote:
Otomon wrote:No, they are fit for being destroyed and make way for the hybrids.
Probably, whatever is going on in those underground bases would be too scary to believe.

The first 10 seconds of this "children`s show", ironically tells you the truth about us:

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 3:21 am » by RATRODROB


physically fit.....?.................well we are losing our fitness faster than ever, bad diet, nutritionless and franken foods, lack of exercise etc is our pharmaceutical dependency that keeps half of us fckn alive and the odds are getting worse.
So nah, we aint fit or even deserve to evolve.

mentally fit........................Hahaha, where the fck do you even begin with this one.

more and more people (except us awakened ones at DTV) think this is now normal and even accept it, they think this woman brought it upon her self and the cop were just doin his job

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our mental ability is failing aswell, rational and sensible thought goes out the door, we are mind fcked by the PTB, poisons, toxins, GMOs, pollution, social pressures, economic and domestic stress, wars and turmoil, these all take their toll on our mental fitness, most of these problems are too big, we cant control them, we cant escape them...............but thankfully and gratefully we have TPTB and MSM to steer us in the right direction...............ha fckn ha.........good luck with that......... :twisted:

It doesn't matter if its TPTB or if its us, we are becoming more and more mentally unfit, complacent,(except us here at DTV) exhausted, deranged, deluded and misguided.
But thankfully and gratefully we have big Pharma lookin out for us, feeding us all, even our children, giving us all the drugs and stimulants and anti depressants that we all really need........don't we....lucky us .......thanks Big Pharma for being there for us and providing the affordable and NESSECARY drugs to keep us all sane, and mentally fit from all the doom and gloom thrust upon us by your partners in crime..TPTB

When its sujested we don't have any natural predators, how fckn dumb are we as a species to become victims in the millions each yr through, shark attacks, snake bites, crocodile and alligator attacks, insect stings, lion and tiger attacks, and hundreds of other deadly attacks from wild animals on land and at sea.

maybe we don't have any "predators" , but we make up for that ourselves by being a species that is so narcissistic and over confident and disrespectful of nature, (flora and fauna) that when out of our natural environment, as a supposedly superior species, we become increasingly undone and fall apart when we venture out of our comfort zone, we rely more and more on technology to keep us safe and well and are forgetting our basic natural survival instincts.

We are continually building an environment around us that is fake and has nothing to do with the real world, we depend more and more on technology and the grid and processed food and piped water to keep us going.
One day if TSHTF, which species do you think will emerge the strongest.
Ive seen people have a fckn panic attack if the friggin power goes out for a couple of hours.... :roll:

What does EVOLVING mean, me it means in the animal kingdom, they evolve to better themselves in their environment........the animals and birds evolve to over come situations in the wild to give them selves a better chance of survival in a changing environment, it might be better eye sight, camouflage, bigger or better muscles, hearing or even a tolerance towards being able to eat things that are not usually on their diet, and in the distant past could have made them ill.

How has man evolved, or how will man evolve in the future.

for starters, I don't believe we evolved from apes. that doesn't mean that our senses havnt evolved from a million yrs ago though, better eyes ears smell and the like.
we evolved with our farming and food storage, built better housing for protection, and discovered natural remedies and cures from the land.
It seems that as an early species we were on the right track, we used our brains and our hands to help over come hardship and to adapt to our environment without doing too much damage.

As man evolved, progressed, we have got to a stage where our advancements only enrich our "unreal" environment.
Its all about artificial pleasure and entertainment and materialistic indolgence, we have "evolved" or turned into the most narcissistic, power hungry, thoughtless, compassionless, materialistic, greedy, violent fckers on this planet, sure lions are violent but they have to be, they don't have all the other abhorrent instincts we have, they only do what they need to do to survive.

Man doesn't evolve any more for the greater good, its just for greed and power, the PTB see to that. FFS the FDA arrests people and small market farmers and makes them destroy their fresh healthy grown produce, gosh we cant have the multinational food companies being in competition with the small locally grown producers can we......................LOL.. :bang;

Anyway, IMO man is not fit to evolve (what ever that actually means) unless we get rid of a shit load of baggage and we have real conscious change in our behaviour and what our priorities really are.

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 4:53 am » by clnmontes

hmm in my opinion ,no. We are kinda devolving in a sense. The more we continue to act as a cancer on this planet the more we increase our goal of committing suicide

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 7:09 am » by Rich316

It doesn't matter how we see it. the simplest way to put it is, there isn't an answer to a question that should not really be asked.. because it's all just built up karma, it's nothing else. you are who you are in this part of your journey because of the law of cause and effect or karma, there is nothing else that governs your earthly existence. The reason we look different to one and other, feel different to one and other, react differently, at different levels, at different times, with different pain thresholds is because of karma. the very reason you are born to certain parents is because of karma.

Each time you die your soul (you) glide along, get ecompassed by, a spectrum of coloured light, each of the colours blend into one of the next like a rainbow more or less, but you end up stopping exactly where you need to stop, where you're meant to stop, when the light becomes too intense, just at that 'area' of whatever the colour may be, is what reality you are next to be born into.. each 'colour' of light represents different levels of existence or different realities, different planes etc. You don't go further up if you're not meant to. in other words what determines your next life and the level you go to is you, your consciousness in it's purest ego removed form cannot lie, cannot desire anything else but what is right... this is really difficult to write tbh.. This has been documented for millenia by buddhists and I believe they above anyone else, have it right or at least it seems to sit well with many people in the world today.

But to ask if we're doing a good job or going well or not, well.. compared to what? what's the reference point? It can only be something that been instilled into us by either family or something external.. It's only when we realise and understand it's all just part of the journey, it's 7 billion people on one planet experiencing their own karma and trying to get past it and work it out... But for me, of course we're fit to evolve and of course we will continue to evolve and we will continue our journey and our battle with karma and suffering because it's where we are at at this point in time.

I think one of the problems is we still think we're it and there is nobody else so we place ourselves up high on the food chain.. I think we'd benefit as a race to understand there are others much much more evolved than us...

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 7:34 am » by Innosent

imo, we are evolving (mutating) too fast.
Did you ever notice how big and strong North Americans used to be. Say the 80s.
Look at kids in their 20s now. All the GMOs and fake meat from subway are making them gangly
and passive. They're not smarter. That garbage they eat affects their brains bigtime.
Perhaps Monsanto's real agenda is to make us pushovers so we have a harder time resisting
The same could be said for fluoride.
However, maybe the advocates of genetic engineering are just sick of dealing with dumbasses.
Maybe they engineer food to encourage mental growth and to degenerate physical growth.
To bad we're not all on the same page.
I think we should tough it out and evolve the slower natural way. We have different
ideas of success. imo, I think finding the answers you seek is only success if you do it alone. For
me, it's all about independence. I never felt satisfied being taught. Every answer I ever got was the
result of my own searching, probing, and hard earned knowledge from blood, sweat, and tears.
I believe there are three types of entities who govern everything. Purists (angels), Advocates of advanced genetic manipulation (demons), and those who are entirely indifferent (the watchers).
People can change. Maybe angels become demons and vice versa or the watchers turn good or bad.
I can respect all positions. I myself believe the purists are my own people. We see forced genetic manipulation as an insult to the grand design. In other words. We believe that our species is perfect.
No genetic manipulation is necessary.
To force any other agenda, is to deny free will. You do have a choice. You can choose to reject
GMOs. You can learn to cook. You can argue that we are not perfect because of all the in-fighting but more often than not, the source of conflict is because someone was denied free will and was
defending their right to be free.
You don't have to use drugs. You can chew on ratroot to alleviate your headache.
I myself am part GMO, part purist. I would be something of a hypocrite if I said I hated GMOs. I
want life to occur as naturally as possible. To approach medicine with a hollistic mind. Our earth has
the cure for all our ailments. If you can't find it, you're not looking hard enough.
What if there is no evolution?
Think of this quote from Shakespeare's "the Tempest":

"Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices that, if I then had waked after long sleep, will make me sleep again. And then, in dreaming, the clouds methought would open and show riches ready to drop upon me, that when I waked, I cried to dream again."

Act III, Scene II - Caliban

In other words: Don't you hate it when you wake up and the first thing to come to mind is.
was just a dream.
What is my point?
The point is: the human mind has not really evolved in at least 500 years and I think it's a good thing. Nobody has yet to surpass Vlad III, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Tesla or Bruce Lee. These souls are untouchable and remarkable examples of the wonderful, spontaneous nature of this great and perfect planet.
I like things to stay the same as we are perfect.
Don't tell me life's not fair. Life is more than fair. We are in the garden of eden. If someone in
your life is not fair, stand up for yourself and kick his ass. Or walk away at the very least.
We shouldn't strive towards singularity. Diversity is the most beautiful thing in the cosmos. Our
world is absolutely teeming with diversity.

Did I misunderstand your question? Are you asking if I want to evolve? I don't. I say everything is perfect.

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PostSun Jul 06, 2014 9:14 am » by DarkHeart

Shiat this is a good thread, prolly cos it's open to a very wide interpretation ....

Evolve can mean quite a few things at the human level, and so can predator.

For where this thread is I will totally side step the fact that human beings are eaten by aliens, which is predator in the most basic understanding, and the myriad forms of spiritual predation & go for something everyone will most likely agree on.


In the modern Western world we have a civilisation broadly defined by ancient Greek / Roman & Church (I will say Church & not Christian because one is a politic & the other is a faith)

This form of hierarchical structure is based around the psychopath, who is THE predator who walks amongst us, it is a form of civilisation that hides the truth & enslaves the masses by playing on the weaknesses of the human mind & personality, namely the need for place & purpose.

The "cleverer" someone is the more "important" a place & purpose they are given, and they feel smug & happy with this, all the while their efforts are reinforcing the structure that keeps the psychopaths in place.

So, where we are here & now is a situation where we as a race need to wake up to these monsters amongst us, this in its self is a form of evolution, & because of how things work the psychopaths are aiding some of us to wake up by their ever more brazen actions.

Now we are at a point where if enough peeps don't wake up it's bye bye humans because we will finish ourselves off in a desperate bid to find place & purpose as useful little idiots to the war obsessed psychopaths.

What I am saying is that for humans evolution is about understanding, it's a mental, emotional & spiritual evolutional step that is needed now.

my spellchecker says there is no such word as evolutional, I've just evolverized the word evolution lol
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