Is there a hidden memory on a cell phone?

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PostThu Jun 11, 2009 4:16 pm » by Wrathofkahn

I thought about this last night and it is kind of scary. When you delete something from your cell like a pic or vid, is it really deleted? We already know that you can have your location pinpointed via cell, and we know that all calls can be retrieved after the call has taken place. Man, a cell phone sounds alot more useful to tptb than a rfid chip because it is pretty much "implanted" to most who have one. I have tried to dig up anything on this but all I got was all those secret codes like entering the serial number then*#06#*. However, it is obvious that modern cell phones are capable of alot more than just having a secret memory that only a select few can access like govt. agents. For example, even though your cell is shut off, how do you know that it is not recording your close proximity conversations as long as it has power? Also im sure that you guys have seen the vid of a ringing cell pop popcorn. If the signal is that powerful, im sure that a bandwidth that strong can be manipulated to do other things with the signal as well (suggestions beamed directly into the brain). I do not have a cell phone anymore because I forsee a huge brain cancer outbreak in the near future from them. Once again I tried to search these things online but came up with pretty much nothing...

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PostThu Jun 11, 2009 4:23 pm » by end0fall

well a few years back i had a nokia (cant remember which lol) but it fucked up and i couldnt use it,i downloaded an application to get deep into the phone and i came across a bunch of old pics that i deleted,so in short yes some phones do have a hidden memory.

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PostThu Jun 11, 2009 8:17 pm » by Flecktarn

any data on a phone can be reclaimed even if its been deleted or even if the phone has been damaged or dunked in water ,not long ago i did a job for a court case reclaiming data of a phone that had been burnt ,enough was left to extract pics,and text..thats why terrorists use stolen or cheap pay as you go types then totaly distroy them afterwards

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PostThu Jun 11, 2009 8:22 pm » by bugmenot

can't say i fear it all you will find on mine is chinese takaways phone numbers and porn. he he :peep:

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