is there anyone that Israel like? or they just hate all?

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PostSat Apr 05, 2014 6:23 am » by Rahkriga

Kinninigan wrote:True Israeli's want peace, like all humans. Its the Zionist/Dark Cabals that create the chaos, so we kill each other ourselves.

So what your saying is...true Israelis are allowing the Zionist Cabals to create chaos.


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PostFri Nov 06, 2015 3:26 am » by Opalserpent ... rafficking

Israel harvesting slain Palestinians' organs: Palestine’s UN envoy

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says the Tel Aviv regime is harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied territories.

Riyad Mansour said in a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday that the bodies of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are “returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.”

“A medical examination conducted on bodies of Palestinians returned after they were killed by the occupying power found that they were missing organs,” Mansour wrote in the letter.

The Palestinian envoy further protested Israel’s “persistent aggression against the Palestinian people” over the past month and the regime’s “insistence on use of violent force and oppressive measures.”

The issue of organ theft by Israel was first brought to the fore in a report published by Sweden’s most highly-circulated daily Aftonbladet in 2009.

US daily The New York Times also said in an August 2014 report that transplant brokers in Israel have pocketed enormous sums of money. Based on the Times analysis of major organ trafficking cases since 2000, Israelis have played a ‘disproportionate role’ in organ trafficking.

War is big business and good source of organs. Just shoot some civilians throwing rocks on their own
land then steal their organs and make lots of money while getting billions in aid from the usa at the same time. Smart business people the zio's. :nwo:
They zios can't donate organs so need a constant source of organs.

Bash a zio a day to keep the evil away. Metaphorically speaking, sorry hate speech trolls.





Quick RUNNN!!! Don't let those fresh young organs get away!!!

Live by the Terror, Die by the Terror.

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PostFri Nov 06, 2015 3:58 am » by Malogg

The wee jooooooo-ke is that we the Goyim (which is anyone but a zionist fake @ss jew (german rejects) as the real jews were colored with dark skin as was jesus obviously...)

Well as Ima was saying we the Goyim are TRASH!! to them...

They see us as their slave @sses to generate them da shekels...


a real insight into the way the fckers are yeap a funny interview pmsl bahahaha

It only takes that one person to go missing for the world to become empty

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PostFri Nov 06, 2015 9:37 pm » by Giovanni

Warning! Spoiler:
You Little Curious Mother fucker


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