Is this real of fake? (Ancient Egyptians in Austrailia.)

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PostWed Sep 15, 2010 5:24 pm » by Endless16

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If it's for real, then that is really weird having these symbols in Austrailia.

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PostWed Sep 15, 2010 10:31 pm » by Craftsmith

If this is fake its done by a professessional stoneworker, one thing though this guy thinks theyre alien and not once did he say egyptian, so hes not the most informed guide.
Another thing, I noticed is that the cartouch is squared, totally not egyptian practice.
If the ancient egyptians went there (they had the ships to do it), why do it somewhere off the beaten track and not at the coasts or more areas.
Then again the vikings sailed to america so who knows who went were in the classical antiquity of mankind.

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PostWed Sep 15, 2010 11:11 pm » by Muchtyman

Relevant Information .......?

It must be noted that the Hieroglyphics mentioned here are believed now to be the work of an 'elderly yugoslavian gentleman' caught in the act by Gosford Park Rangers in the early '80s. Shame no one bothered to mention this to the writer of the original 'article' that sparked this page in the first place, when the writer claimed investigation of the locals in Gosford as part of the 'article' research. I am keeping this page as is, as a sort of time capsule; the site, after all, does exist, promotes fascinating discussion, and is a jolly nice day out, if only the amateur fortune idiots would stop digging the place up. The fact that these glyphs are not necessarily of ancient origin does not detract from the notion, or the existence of any other artifacts, that suggest ancient man was blundering around uncharted waters.

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