Is this the end for human space flight?

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PostTue Nov 24, 2009 2:23 am » by NamelessGhoul

Is this the end for human space flight?

Waving goodbye to human space flight

SO WE won't be going to Mars, not in my lifetime anyway. And not back to the moon either, not for decades. Buzz Lightyear fantasies are dashed. Don't believe the spin - the dream is over. OK, the Augustine panel's review ... Report.pdf of NASA's human space-flight plans outlines several options. Mars may be out, but the moon is still in with a shout, and plans to go to the Lagrange points and even the asteroids are mooted. Technically, all this is probably doable. But it won't happen, and here's why.

The problem is not money: the US can afford an extra $3 billion a year. It is psychological.
NASA, the only game in town, has no idea what space is for, and no audacity.

There certainly was audacity in 1961, when John F. Kennedy made his lunar pledge. The key line was not the crazy bit about landing a man on the moon, it was the hubristic promise to do so by 1970. If Wernher Von Braun had insisted the moon was unreachable before 1975, they probably would never have gone. Why? Because by 1975 Kennedy's presidency would be ancient history. Some other guy would get all the glory as Old Glory was hammered into the lunar regolith.

Of course that happened anyway, but Kennedy's reasoning must have been that, even in 1969, he would be able to bask in the glory of a successful moon shot. It may simply be that space exploration is incompatible with US democracy. A Mars shot would take four presidential terms at least. No president will ask taxpayers to fund something he won't be around to take credit for. Another big problem is the legacy of some terrible decisions that left NASA with the expensive, dangerous space shuttle and a white-elephant space station that manages the feat of making space seem as dull as cardboard. The whole thing is a mess.

So where now? Probably nowhere. Expect the Augustine report to be quietly forgotten. After all, we've been here before. In 1989 George Bush Snr promised the moon and Mars too, and that came to naught. The problem with these visions is that they are too sane. Human space exploration requires a tinge of madness - that theatrical Kennedy hubris - to work. They'll probably keep the International Space Station going out of bloody-mindedness. The shuttles will fly a few more times. There will be some vague plans, more studies. Robots, of course, but no concerted attempt to look for alien life, the most compelling raison d'être for space exploration. But as to the moon, Mars, infinity and beyond, I'm afraid, in all likelihood, Buzz Lightyear will just have to wait.
The act of putting a human into space remains a high profile and politically potent showcase

n the US, the jobs and material resources invested in human space flight are substantial and politically significant. As long as Florida plays a key role in determining who gets to be president, no US politician would lightly consider disbanding the programme. Early in his nomination campaign, Barack Obama flirted with the notion of redirecting resources from NASA to education. The space industry was unimpressed and by the time he was battling for the White House, Obama had backed off.Politics aside, there is a subset of the science and technology community that simply will not let human space flight die. If governments abandon their programmes these individuals will keep the dream alive as a private venture. Perhaps not surprisingly, they include some of the brightest young minds on the planet. Earth will always be too small for them, and the conviction that humanity should and will one day reach the stars too strong.

To be sure, the desire to fly in space and journey to other worlds is impractical and risks becoming an escapist fantasy. Yet there is a deeper force at work. Space calls to us, as a species, to be more than we have been. It is a call we have, so far, proved wonderfully incapable of ignoring.

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PostTue Nov 24, 2009 3:05 am » by Dank1

were not goin there cause the end is coming
with niburu on its way and the pending alien invasion
oh and dont forget mayan's and the dileberate poisoning
by chemtrails swine flu ,sars,black plauge, obama administration
global warming, over active ring of fire, there just to much remember
:ohno: :headscratch:


so if we aint goin to space then why the hell they still gettin money
they claim theres no planet killing asteroids near us so why keep them
pumped full of tax payer $ if they arent doing there jobs lay em off
just like my boss would do to me or you.
i don't speak dumbfu@k and i don't understand it either!

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PostTue Nov 24, 2009 5:14 am » by Terrac1de512

What a depressing review.. If the truth were told about the bases and ruins on the Moon and Mars, and the anitgrav technology the powers that be are using were exposed, this summary would no longer be valid, and a REAL space program would begin...
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PostTue Nov 24, 2009 6:28 am » by Darkplanet

The above article simply confirms the presence of a very active and longstanding secret space program. As ludicrous as it sounds, there is ample evidence for it. And tell me honestly people; do you really believe that the USA has no interest in protecting the local space around Earth? Do you really think other nations are sitting on their hands as space is dominated by one nation? Tell me another one, this thing goes deep ;)

On the public face of this program you have NASA, and they have the job of convincing the public that reaching out there with human hands is just too expensive, dangerous or lacks public and political will. The reason the public domain space program moves so slowly and lacks vision is not because we have no imagination or real business in space, it's because we're already out there and engaged in projects that would fry the brains of most average Joe's.

This all comes back to the need for active disclosure. The lie is simply too large to contain anymore. You bet there's a base on the Moon and likely Mars as well. Logic dictates that we would have continued on a certain curve from Apollo to today. There is every reason to keep pushing the boundaries for untold benefits to mankind or on the darker side, for the benefit of one country.

No not everyone at NASA knows about the true state of things, in fact the military are the real leaders in current space tech and travel. Where do you think all those annual black budget Billions are going every year? It ain't on hammers and toilet seats, its funding a massive black ops space program.

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